Study of Genetic Engineering

Personally my view on genetic engineering is that it’s good. Here are some reasons why. First of all many people in the world have heart problems that are passed down from generations to generation, and it’s not getting any better due to the fact it might be a dominant gene in the gene line. Well guess what, we can stop that and eradicate completely using CRispr. Crispr is the machine that takes out our replaces genes. Meaning we could take out heart problems from the next generation.

Second we could actually stop and get rid of multiple defective genes or mutations that cause miscarriages. A geneticist from the university of California ran a test to see how many miscarriages happen per every baby. Which that rate was for every four babies there will be a miscarriage. Meaning that rate for miscarriages is around ten to twenty percent . Which is very high considering the highest was twenty five percent in nineteen ninety nine.

This is a big problem which CRISPR might have a chance to lower that rate down by a pretty big margin. Since the main reason for miscarriages is to many mutations in the gene pool. Also many people have defective that causes all sort of problems, like weaker immune systems, or just a slew of other problems. Which will increase the life time of people since its strengthening the immune system of people. Many people die because of weak immune system or there is something wrong with the genes that it’s doesn’t allow the body to effectively Fight off these deadly diseases.

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(Starr, Michelle New Research Shows Most Human Pregnancies End in Miscarriage)

Fourthly we could almost rework our make the human body more resistant to every day things. Take hulk for example. He has been genetically to become stronger. Think about if we were able to make human as strong as him then the work force might change over all. This would cut the need for machine and bring back jobs for many people around the world. This Also smaller countries could actually start making more since the will have same genetically modified people to. Meaning they wouldn’t be beaten by countries that could afford major machines to produce there goods. One thing people might say though is the fact that about human error being the problem. Which to that I say if we can genetically modify people to be stronger whose to say we couldn’t genetically modify people to be more resistant or have tougher skin. Which also brings up another point of can we tell the body to make stronger bones? If we can that also gets rid of the fact of human error becoming a problem with making people to strong.

There is one more thing I can bring up with super heroes. We could possibly make things like wolverines healing ability come alive. The possibility for what it could stop is amazing. So since it’s possibly for him to regenerate with even one drop of blood this means a person with cancers could get blood extracted from there which would be Clean basically of cancer we could destroy there body aka kill them and then they would simply come back clear of cancer, and since there are many diseases dealing with with blood and other parts of the body we can solve mass disease. Which in turn cuts the risk of someone dying on the job down. Unless you actually count them dying since they technically did but just came back to life.

Another huge thing we are dealing with is space travel and not being able to with stand prolonged space travel, and not also being able to with stand planets conditions. First one of the main reasons we aren’t able to stay out for long is due to the radiation and how it increase the risk of cancer. Well there is a geneticist at Harvard that claims to have found 40 genes that will help with space flight and actually one that might cause our body to need less oxygen. Meaning more exploration for space and less need For oxygen lightning the load for space since we need a lot of Oxygen for space travel. One other thing he said that one of these genes deal with radiation and how resistant we are to it. Which will help us with exploring space, but also help us get rid of radiated areas such as Chernobyl. This would open opportunities to helping the community out. (Pinton, Jason, the genetics and ethics for making humans fit for mars)

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