The Swimming Pool and Greenhouse Gases

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Swimming is for everyone no matter what age or level of fitness. Any age can learn to swim and there is no age limit on when you can no longer swim. Swimming is a lifelong skill that could save your or another’s life. And we need a swimming pool for that. A swimming pool is any constructed structure which contains water used for swimming, diving, and other recreational bathing activities .A swimming pool can be for public, semi-public, or private use.

 A typical swimming pool is consist of a tank, pumps, filtration and a dosing system for treatment chemicals. The basic idea is to pump the water in continual cycle, from the pool via filtration, and chemical treatment, and back to the pool again, by this circulation the water in the pool is kept relatively free of dirt, debris, microorganisms (bacteria and viruses).

The Swimming Pool we are proposing is located at My Place Balisong, Argao,Cebu . This is a great place for swimming and a notable number of people can come here for the purpose.

As shown in the picture,it is a grassland area that is well developed by a real Estate company 11 years ago, with approximately 15 km drive from Downtown area in Argao. An area more or less 400 sq. Meter .It is found in the back yard of most homes in the subdivided property in My Place, Balisong. Argao. It has an easy access from the national road more or less 5 minutes walk . \nThis should be a swimming pool opened to the public.

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So, every day a good number of people can gather here for swimming.. This is a good place to swim for many reasons. The most important thing is the clean water. We are very much careful about the cleaning issue and we are economically friendly in the environment ,the living and non living organisms that surround from it. No chemicals are used in the water for the swimmers\' safety. A convenient and accessible place to swim. Considering the grounds, this is a great place for swimming. Plan on how we are going to build it that it has little impact on the environment. All of the possible repercussions of that infrastructure to the ecosystem
Open pool construction has limited choice because they are mainly constructed on the same plot of the building. In case of pools that are constructed for schools, there is an exception as here the pools are constructed as a part of the ground facilities.

  • The pool position must be such that it receives maximum sun as possible. This must receive sufficient amount after afternoon.
  • The location that have trees near to the vicinity must be avoided. This is because the roots of the trees can cause damage to the structure. The leaves can cause discoloration also.
  • Provision of natural wind break as a part of the main building is recommended.
  • The positions of utilities like drainage, electricity, gas supply lines are very important.
  • Landscaping near to the swimming pool area have to carried out with proper professional guidance.

Swimming pool chemicals, such as chlorine, have a negative impact on the environment. The evaporated pool chemicals contribute to the production of greenhouse gases. Also, the draining and discharging of chemically treated water can cause problems to waterways if not done correctly.
Surrounding issues like wasted water, chemical use and energy utilized in heating the water is the main issue .The Ecosystem of the living organism that live in the grassland like the grasshopper, the frogs, insects, ants , worms, and other is also affected because of building of this infrastructure.
Everything in nature is connected … they maybe affected for now but sooner they will be comfortable of their new habitat as time goes by.

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The Swimming Pool and Greenhouse Gases
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