“Temporary Protection Status” (TPS)

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Many immigrants will be deported due to the “Temporary Protection Status” (TPS) coming to an end. This status helps different countries that were affected by armed conflicts or even natural disasters. This status also helped them get homes and jobs in the U.S. for a limited time. Only ten countries are known under the protection of this status; Haiti, El Salvador, Syria, Nepal, Honduras, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, Nicaraguan, and South Sudan. On January 32 of 2018, Kirstjen M. Nielsen, Secretary of Homeland Security, announced to extend the TPS for Syria for 18 more months, just so they could have enough time to arrange their plans on what they want to do next.

Many immigrants should have the option to come to the U.S. to work and live while their political leader cleans up the mess in their country.

In 1990, Congress established the Temporary Protection Status. TPS is a humanitarian program that suspends the deportation prosses for those selected countries that have been affected by war or natural disasters and allow immigrants to obtain work permits and a driver’s license.

However, TPS could only be subjected to the U.S. government and will be extended for 18 months. Salvadorans are one of the largest groups that hold TPS.

According to The Washington Post, in El Salvador, on January 13th of 2001, a pair of earthquakes struck the city of San Miguel. At least 1,000 people were reported dead, 5,000 were injured, 108,000 houses were destroyed, 169,000 houses were damaged, and more than 150,000 buildings were damaged. Later, lives were also taken by large landslides that occurred in Santa Tecla and Comayagua.

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About 2,500 aftershocks were reported on February 2, 2001. This aftershock leads to additional damage to buildings and homes and terrorize other environmental inhabitants. Those who were in the U.S. at the time were eligible to obtain TPS. The Obama administration had extended Salvadorians status by 18 more months. Many U.S. citizens had pushed for the extension. These citizens were part of the immigrant advocate, business leaders, and lawmakers from districts with large numbers of immigrants.

Those 200,000 people that stayed in El Salvador, only have until September 9th of 2019 to obtain legal residency or to leave the country. Their immigration status will go back to what it was before they were granted TPS. If the person from that country were to be in the U.S., they would be eligible for deportation so to speak.

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“Temporary Protection Status” (TPS)
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