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Natural disasters are events caused by nature. It is harmful to the environment and also causes loss of lives. For example – hurricanes, earthquakes, forest fires, diseases-pandemic, and tsunamis are all-natural disasters. It causes mass destruction, loss of lives in the situation is huge. The people in this world are more vulnerable to natural disasters(1). In places where there is an increase in population, the effect is more and it also results in poverty. Globally natural disasters are increasing mostly in developing countries and it is worst affected in these places.

Disaster management evidence, improved responses, and best practices are needed for the prevention of this and our survival(2). A major disaster which has occurred in the year 2020 is COVID-19 or commonly called the coronavirus. Previously coronavirus was zoonotic and it doesn’t transfer between humans, but recently the virus COVID-19 has been reported to transfer between humans at a rapid rate and this rate is increasing from day to day(3).

Symptoms of this disease will be fever, cold, and many others(4). Evidence states that COVID-19 originated in Mohan, China in December and its progression has been increasing at a rapid rate(5). Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infects host cells through ACE2 receptors, prompting coronavirus illness (COVID-19)- related pneumonia, while additionally making intense myocardial injury and interminable harm to the cardiovascular system. In this way, specific considerations have to be given to cardiovascular insurance during treatment for COVID-19(6). Finding a vaccination is not easy as there may be many side effects(7).

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The blood purification framework incorporates plasma trade, adsorption, perfusion, blood/plasma filtration, and so on. It can expel inflammatory factors and square ‘cytokine storm’, along these lines lessening the harm of inflammatory response to the body, and can be utilized for rewarding serious and basic patients in the early and center phases of the cytokine storm. Immunoglobulin can be used in severe cases when indicated, but its efficacy needs further evaluation. (8)



The novel coronavirus ( covid -19) ,2019 or also called as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 ( SARS -CoV2) has its origin in Wuhan ,Hubei province ,China . This coronavirus is an RNA virus. The range of this virus is from 60 nm to 140 nm in diameter, on the surface, they have spikes like protection. This can only be viewed with the help of a microscope. Coronavirus has been causing mild diseases related to the respiratory system(9). On December 31, 2019, China informed the world health organization (WHO) about the spread of the virus. But it was too late and the rapid spread has already started all over the world. It was unstoppable, As the spread was at a terrific rate which then created a loss of lives. In Italy, on March 12 was reported that there were 12,462 positive cases and 827 deaths. At this time the community spread has already started in Italy(10). The healthcare workers are prone to the corona affecting zone. Washing hands, maintaining social distancing, maintaining good self-hygiene, staying at home – keeping a self-quarantine, and maintaining social distancing can reduce the spread and also help the workers to be at these(11). Some people, journalists, or even scientists also say that Covid space 19 originated from bats. The habitat of eating bats in China has led to this disease is a major statement given by these people. Due to the spread, transportation services were brought to a halt, everything was under surveillance and screening tests were done on the people(9). Airports were closed, international flights were blocked and none of them were allowed to leave the country or even the state. People traveling from China were isolated and special testing was done for them.

Evidence of disaster-2020

Wang’s study shows that the large number of people who have been diagnosed with SARS-COV2, increased by 31.4 times in China. This states that the spread of this virus is faster than any other virus. This evidence also suggests that this disease, as its progression rate, is more in elders than young ones(12). They wouldn’t state that many people with symptoms of COVID-19 are not being tested for the virus. Checkpoints are being set up in hospitals, and people with other diseases are mostly asked to stay back home and not to come to the hospital, except for emergency cases(13). The stress in individuals mainly doctors has increased, due to the increase in patience and shortage of personal protection and treatment equipment(14). Evidence states that during this pandemic, there are several travel restrictions have been implemented. People need guidance during these situations. Even though safety measures were taken the death rate in Spain was increasing rapidly and they had no other way but to surrender(10).

Symptoms of Covid 19

People and all age groups are susceptible to this disease. Droplets are the main source of transmission. These droplets are generated through coughing or even sneezing. The droplets generated stay in the atmosphere for a certain period and it is viable at a range of 1 to 2 m it may also get deposited on almost all surfaces. A favorable atmosphere is necessary for the virus to live, but some disinfectants kill the virus in seconds. Disinfectants like sodium hypochlorite et cetera are being widely used to kill this virus present in the atmosphere(15). This virus is also present in the contaminated water, and stools and transmission through oral route-saliva are also possible(11). The reproduction rate of this virus is 2 to 6.47 as referred from different studies. But the rate of SARS-H1 N1 flu is 2 to 13. So this evidence states that the COVID-19 rate is higher than that of SARS-H1N1(16). The France health minister has asked people to use paracetamol (acetaminophen) instead of ibuprofen to bring the condition under control(17). Many complications were included like difficulty in breathing, ARDS, shock, and also kidney injury. Fever, sore throat, and cough are the major symptoms of this deadly disease. But sometimes this novel virus can also occur without symptoms-asymptomatic, which is a major threat to the environment. Some tests use throat swabs, and sputum-respiratory samples are used. as it is related to the respiratory system people with wheezing and old people need to be extra careful(18)(19). The PCR channels which we use currently don’t have a panel for Covid 19. In India, the samples have to be sent to specific laboratory-reference labs, especially present in Pune. This takes a lot of time and is a major disadvantage, the white blood cell (WBC) is usually normal in these cases(20). The regular lab test was not enough to differentiate COVID-19 from other hospital infections like influenza, Adenovirus et cetera. The interpretation of the lab reports differs among doctors(21). Therefore, in this case, People’s history especially travels history plays a major role in finding the disease(22). Personal protective equipment is a must for hospital workers. Many types of research regarding diabetes are also conducted to find out if there is any correlation with covid and people are being made aware of this situation(23,24)


The health systems are tortured and burdened all over the world because of one reason, there is no specific drug to treat this disease or a vaccine even to prevent this disease. Mass gatherings, religious festivals, and even events like Christmas, Diwali, Pongal, Ramadan, and also cultural events, political events, and international national conferences should be avoided during this time. The festivals must be celebrated in your own homes with your family members and all conferences should be online. Work from home has to be initiated and students can take their courses through online classes. The public gathering and events are the main cause of transmission of this respiratory infection(25). Social distancing decreases the frequency of spread and also the transmission of the COVID-19 virus from person to person. All the offices I dozed off, travels have restricted all modes of transport as these are the major contributor to transmission(26). Sometimes fecal-oral transmission is also possible(20). Therefore people must consult a doctor and have a general checkup done to maintain good health(27). Hematological reports are important and need to be maintained, for reference, in terms of emergency(28)(29)


The rapid spread of the novel coronavirus has initiated a wide range of responses and comments from the government. The government has banned and taken some measures closing all the educational firms, ban on travel, public gathering, and also investments. Due to this now life is dependent on the internet (online). Online classes, web seminars, online shopping, and everything is being recommended to be done online by the government. Some online subject-related games have also been introduced to keep the students active (30). Studies have proved that popplet notes are more effective than conventional notes(31) Global warming has also been reduced due to this disaster. But there are quite a lot of difficulties and losses faced during the lockdown. Government support is essential during these situations(32). Government helps people by supplying food masks and all the requirements needed for the survival of human beings. Education has turned online, flipped the classes and online practice questions have been started by the schools and colleges with the help of the government. People‘s behavior is based on social norms. Proper guidance from the government is needed To fight this disease. People should be educated about the warning symbols put up in the hospital(33). The lockdown initiated by the government are steps to safeguard the people from getting affected by this life-taking virus. But during this period the healthcare workers and the defense department are still on duty protecting and saving people’s lives. Government helps them by providing the insurance they need to survive during this pandemic (34). Many types of research are being done by people to find a solution to this problem.Some of them include studies with red blood cells(29), dental pulp stem cells(35), liquid paraffin(36),haemoglobin values(37)and various other diseases(38). Many types of research were done to bring awareness among the people(39)(40)


The newly emerging Karuna virus-covert 19 which has spread all over the world, will be dangerous until a vaccine or a drug has been found. The protective measures have to be taken seriously by the people, otherwise, it may cause serious damage and also lead to the re-occurrence of the virus after some time. There is a probability for a second wave to occur,“ the virus can disappear and reappear after 2020”.

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