The Article About A Cause The Decline In The Population Of Amphibians

There has recently been a large downfall in the population of amphibians. It was believed for very long by scientists that it was because of the climate change. But new research has shown that it is not entirely because of climate change and because of something else! Then what is it about? You will definitely find that out but, you will have to keep reading!

This article explains what actually does cause the decline in the population of amphibians. It also explains the research and steps it took to come to this conclusion.

The issue was that there was a drastic decrease in the population of amphibians. So, the first step they took was when the scientists realized such a steep plummet in the populations. When looking at this they realized that it couldn’t just be because of climate change. As more and more research went on, the more the scientists were able to figure out. Loads and loads of research and analyzing was being done on many years worth of data.

This was done on a broad spectrum of species in North America.

For the past years, the climate change has had increasing temperatures. A lot of the places in North America and other places have either gotten wetter or drier. Based on proven studies by scientists, 3.4 percent of amphibian species have been disappearing or going extinct. According to Miller, a scientist, the losses of the species are a continuation of what has been happening since the 19th century.

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He also says that this is about the time when people started destroying habitats of so many amphibians.

Soon enough, after all the research the scientists determined that even though climate change has been a factor, but affecting the North American amphibians are 2 main types of pathogens which are bacteria or viruses that can cause disease. The two pathogens are Chytrid fungus and Ranaviruses. These pathogens are usually passed on from humans to the amphibians. The reason that there is a loss of species in South America too is that when people travel it can cause one amphibian to get it. Once one amphibian gets it the animals can spread it among themselves.

So my opinion on this article was that it was really helpful and it would create awareness to people that there is a decrease in the population of amphibians and it is mainly because of us humans. There are many things that are important about this article because, me including many people don’t know about this loss, and when they find out like I did they will try to help protect these amazing creatures!This topic really intrigued me because ever since I was a little kid I would always love nature, the environment, and animals. Even today I am always asking myself how I could help so many of the endangered species. I would totally agree with this article because I think it is an amazing thing to do to raise awareness for the endangered animals on this planet. 

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The Article About A Cause The Decline In The Population Of Amphibians
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