The Atmosphere in The Reluctant Rider

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The Reluctant Rider

The atmosphere is filled with blaring pop music, and roaring water. Looking behind, flocks of people are crowding behind me, acting as if they’re vultures hovering over the dead. We’re all waiting for a chance to ride on Wet’n Wild’s most fearsome ride, the Black Hole.

As the line creeps closer to the ride’s entrance, fear devours me. Hesitantly, I stay in line, swallowing down the nauseating taste of acidic bile. The minutes are cheetahs chasing after prey, and before I know it, I’m placing the clear plastic tube into the shockingly icy water.

I grasp the tube as if I’m trapped in the ocean and it’s the only thing holding me afloat. Once I position myself, the attendant wishes me luck, and I’m off!

I am water, slipping and sliding throughout the slide. The twinkling glossy blue lights embedded in the slide are lighthouses along the foggy sea, allowing some vision.

The water spreads the malodorous odor of chlorine throughout the whole tube. The light tarnishes, and a screech pitched high enough to shatter glass slips through my lips like sweet honey. I’m discombobulated, sliding blinded in darkness when finally I see brilliantly blinding light.

The water forcefully thrusts me out. I’m rushing off the ride and now with a family, their oily hands pressing against my moist skin, whisking me away. Grinning, I feel silly for even having an inkling of fear, and I saunter away happily.

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The Atmosphere in The Reluctant Rider
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