The Balance between Needs and Wants in Today's Society

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The things we value as a society have significantly changed from generation to generation; In terms of what we deem to be a necessity, as well as want, have shifted places. Many impoverished individuals may have the latest technology but not adequate housing, access to good food, and other primary necessities because in the world that we live in technology and the obsession with ‘staying in the loop’ overshadows the importance of things like proper housing, meals, and even in some cases good health.

Collectively we have shifted our values and focus towards new-age technology and the ever-growing obsession to stay plugged into our social circles, indulge ourselves in destructive materialistic behavior, and sacrifice bare necessities to obtain these things. This not only shows us how ironically ignorant we have let technology allow us to become, but how these shifting values have had a detrimental impact on our society. For instance, I was reading an article about a new machine by the name of ‘Watly’, which was created to help people in impoverished African communities have access to clean drinking water by harvesting solar energy.

This idea/article would have been amazing to me, if only 34 of the article wasn’t about how this machine will provide Wi-Fi, as well as “a powerful communication device that can collect and send any kind of data videos, images, audios, texts, ratios, etc.) well as to any other compatible communication device”. The main focus of the article was on the technological benefits, how each machine will cost three hundred and twenty-five grand to build because of the added features, and how “3D printers, UV sterilizers, webcams, and more” will be added in later versions.

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My first and foremost question was, “If these people barely have food to eat, are plagued by sickness as the result of inadequate health care, and have little to no proper housing or education. Where is the rationality in thinking that Wi-Fi to operate electronics they do not have, to access social media they do not own, holds 34 of a page more value and importance over the fact that this machine would be able to provide a necessity needed to survive-previously unobtainable to these communities or that the money raised for ‘webcam additions’ could potentially be used to solve other issues more immediately appropriate than sending a text?” But, that’s just my opinion based on my values and what I feel is more important. This article was written with a dual purpose to inform while holding attention in hopes that we might donate to ‘Watly’s’ cause. The fact that the author felt as though 34 of a page appealing to our obsession with new technology and the need to have Wi-Fi, opposed to 34 about how having access to clean water could potentially change lives would make us any more willing to donate..speaks volumes about our values and society as a whole.

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The Balance between Needs and Wants in Today's Society
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