The Benefits of Global Warming for Human Welfare and the Earth Itself

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Global Warming is Beneficial to Earth

Global warming has always been looked at as a concerning effect on Earth’s climate system; however, it appears to have some positive benefits to it. It’s been said that the Earth’s surface temperature is increasing because of global warming caused by human activities such as the greenhouse effect, which is radiation from the planet’s atmosphere; an example is the burning of fossil fuels for cars and electricity. But, recent studies show that global warming can cause there to be fewer deaths in the world, more land to use, less energy consumption, and improvement in human welfare.

Human welfare will improve as time goes on from the climate age. In the article “The Benefits of Climate Change,” written by Matt Ridley, a British journalist, businessman, and author of a couple of popular science books explains that “There are many likely effects of climate change: positive and negative, economic and ecological, humanitarian and financial.

And if you aggregate them all, the overall effect is positive today — and likely to stay positive until around 2080” (Ridley, p 3). Meaning that there will be more of a positive change to the welfare of people’s health, find finfinancial needs, and there will be an increase in economic growth such as goods and services.

Agriculture will improve from climate change effects. Matt Rosenburg, a geography expert, and the author states in his article “Advantages and Disadvantages of Global Warming” that “Longer growing seasons could mean increased agricultural production in some local areas” (Rosenburg, p.

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4). From global warming will come more food to grow because of longer and warmer days,s especially for farmers. This could mean fewer people starving, fewer people out on the streets, and more to do with surviving. To add to what Rosenburg said, Daniel Benjamin, an author of numerous scholarly articles and books, stated, “At the other extreme, the outcome might be increased productivity that pushes the value of agricultural land up by almost 30 percent” (Benjamin, p. 2).

Global warming can reduce the deaths of people, therefore, fewer inadvertent accidents happen in the winter time to cars not being readily equipped for the colder weather. Bjorn Lomborg, a Danish author, professor, and president of the Copenhagen Business School claims that “Winter regularly takes many more lives than any heatwave: 25,000 to 50,000 people each year…” (Lomborg, p. 5). That’s a high statistic between the winter climate and global warming.

The flu which occurs mostly in the winter season has killed off many people. The website,, states that “…flu-associated deaths ranged from a low of about 3,000 to a high of about 49,000 people.”

What about the animals that live in the Antarctic? That’s a great question and concern but the good can always outweigh the bad. Research says that the marine animals will adapt to a ‘land-based Summer lifestyle’ which means some of them will not have to depend on the sea ice covers to help them hunt for food or travel. Ridley comments that “Even polar bears are thriving so far. It’s worth noting that the three years with the lowest polar bear cub survival in western Hudson Bay (1974, 1984, and 1992) were the years when the sea ice was too thick for ringed seals to appear in good numbers in spring. Bears need broken ice.”

Won’t global warming create droughts in some parts of the world? On the website, the site states that “First, as the oceans warm due to an increasing global temperature, seawater expands—taking up more space in the ocean basin and causing a rise in water level. The second mechanism is the melting of ice over land, which then adds water to the ocean.” So in actuality, there will be fewer droughts and more rise in sea level.

The rise in sea level can also be a beneficial thing – as well as more sea transportation to go places where we couldn’t reach before. Won’t some poverty-stricken countries not thrive in a drastic climate change? On the website, the site states that “…as long as the rise in the global average.

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The temperature stays below 3 degrees Celsius, some models predict that global food production could increase because of the longer growing season at mid- to high-latitudes, provided adequate water resources are available.” So, as long as the climate remains at a certain temperature then indigent countries will be affluent and be able to grow.

Therefore, trying to stop global warming from happening may cause less of a positive effect on you or the people you know. Global warming isn’t just about heatwaves, increases in hot weather, droughts, drastic climate changes, etc. It has been a beneficial one for people all over the world but has been happening without many people knowing.

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The Benefits of Global Warming for Human Welfare and the Earth Itself
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