The Causes Behind the Decisions of Dictators to Go to War: The Strengthening of the Armies and the Greed for Natural Resources

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Many countries throughout history are known to go to war because of another’s greed. Adolf Hitler, Leopold II, and Joseph Stalin are all recognized for taking this action. Dictators attempt to possess absolute authority over the citizens of their country. While doing so they seek to gain as much land as possible. They will invade other countries, killing thousands and stealing as they please, just so they can expand their territory. While their motives may be different, most dictators all want the same thing, in the end, power.

The new land these countries acquire helps them in many different ways, whether it be to gain land, have a larger population, have more room for armies and artillery, or to have world domination. Many times, these invasions of countries end up leading to war. The bystanding countries do not want to sit and watch while others are expanding. They want to stop the issue before the dictatorships come for them next.

A country should never feel the need to go to war unless an enemy country attempts to obtain unneeded land.

There are many great examples of land invasions throughout history, and not all of them began for the same purpose. A major reason, however, that a dictator will try to gain more land is to strengthen their armies. More land provides more room for army bases, defense, and artillery. This sounds great from a dictadictator’spective, but see, ng this from another country can be nerve-wracking. For example, during World War II, Hitler began his invasions of Austria, Czechoslovakia, and Poland.

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The United States now knows what Hitler is trying to accomplish, world power. If Germany continues to expand, America should begin to declare war. A war between two countries is hard enough, but a war between one country and a country that has expanded into four is intimidating. A country should declare war on an opposing country, like the example, if they are trying to utilize unnecessary land.

The reason they should go to war is for their benefit. They need to stop the enemy country before it’s too late. The more land the country gains, the harder it will be to defeat them. That country now has access to more defense land and all of the previous country’s artillery, which they invaded. This land is truly unneeded for the other country. They don’t need more land and more defense, yet they strive for it. Going back to the example, Hitler never actually needs to expand, he only wants it for power and his benefit. A country should go to war to stop dictators like Hitler so that one person is not more powerful than the other.

Another reason that dictators feel the need to infringe on other countries is for their natural resources. Different types of natural resources include raw materials such as oil, wood, gold, silver, cotton, etc. Many wars over the years have been fought for this reason, and they are still happening today. A great example of this is the Finnish-Soviet war. Stalin wanted Finland’s nickel to mine. This caused conflict somewhere between the Winter War and the Continuation War. Natural resources are something dictators crave to have, but don’t truly need. They can do countless things with whatever material it is that they acquire. The reason other countries should attack these greedy countries is similar to the last, the more materials they gain, the more defense and resources they have to fight in a war. A country shouldn’t need to invade others for resources. However, dictators want power, and they will do anything to get there. An example of what a country should do to get more defense would be American production during World War II. America produces fewer clothes, cars, etc., so that they can use the machinery and materials to make aircraft, ammunition, battleships, and more. Citizens all over America helped by donating things that could help further the war, buying less gas so war tanks could use it, and even buying fewer clothes to help produce bug nets. Rather than hurting others and risking lives, Americans donated parts of their daily lives so that their country could defeat the enemy. However, Germany did the opposite during World War II. Hitler invaded surrounding countries for their natural resources. Instead of gaining his oil for tanks and his own for ammunition, he raided other countries for theirs. A dictator doesn’t have to do this. They don’t truly need the materials, they simply want them. This is when another country should take action. A bystanding country should stop the invader country from getting materials for war. If they don’t stop the country, then it becomes stronger from the new materials. After they become stronger, no one will be able to defeat them. Other countries must stop something like this as soon as they can before it’s too late.

All countries deal with trade routes, even today, but they can become a conflict. Since the beginning of time countries have made deals with each other to gain the natural resources they need. America itself trades with the middle east countries for their oil. Without them, the United States would most likely be deprived of oil. A great example of this is Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Russia trades supplies with most of Europe including Italy, France, etc. All of these exports go through Ukraine to get to the destination. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine can help it better trade with closer countries. Again, another country should go to war with this one to stop mass trade. They will gain more than they need, and may even gain more allies that are closer to them. A country should stop them while they can to prevent a worse war from occurring.

Strengthening a country takes a smart and strong leader, someone who can help the citizens of their country without harming others. Many times throughout history, a dangerous dictator will step up, taking his attempt at world power. If someone does not agree with the leader’s actions, their lives are immediately at risk. A common objective is seen through almost all previous dictators in an invasion of one, or many, countries. There can be many different reasons why a leader wants the land of another. It can be for more defense, more natural resources, or more trade routes. It’s clear that the country is a threat and needs to be stopped. Opposing countries should go to war with such a dictator to stop him before he gains unnecessary land and materials. If someone as powerful as he gains all this extra land and defense, they’ll surely win any war coming their way. A country shouldn’t ever feel the need to go to war unless they are stopping another from becoming too powerful.

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The Causes Behind the Decisions of Dictators to Go to War: The Strengthening of the Armies and the Greed for Natural Resources
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