The Contribution of Women in Bringing Growth and Sustainability to Society

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The effort of women in Achieving growth and sustainable development

Achieving growth and sustainable development is among the main agendas of most nations globally. This requires participation from key stakeholders like respective governments in facilitating utilization of the available resources for the benefit of everyone. Additionally, the aspect and contribution of gender roles towards attaining sustainable development remain a key issue around the world. Historically, there have been inequality concerns especially regarding women discrimination although embracing gender equality has revealed significant development records.

This report evaluates the influence and necessity of gender equality towards achieving sustainable development focusing on the economic, social, governance/political and environmental perspectives.

Women are directly involved in participating towards economic growth in various aspects of government, non-governmental and corporate organizations by holding multiple positions and providing skills as employees. Although the male gender mostly holds leadership positions in most organizations, the participation of women in other roles directly contributes towards achieving organizational goals. This implies without them, attaining the goals will be challenging for one gender (Lott, 2009).

Additionally, appointing women in leadership positions especially in developed nations has proved they can equally perform well thus indicating the necessity of gender equality towards attaining sustainable economic growth.

Various social activities are relying directly on the effort of women to attain desirable results. For example, the family setup is mainly dependent on women in having a fulfilling family. Although women were traditionally perceived with limitation to house chores, the shift towards attending colleges and higher education has impacted positively to their families, society, nation, and world in general. Being educated has enabled women to raise their families in better ways like being conscious about better diets, improving hygiene and this has reduced the rate of diseases among family members, reducing children fatality and increasing life expectancy (Chant & Sweetman, 2012).

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The Contribution of Women in Bringing Growth and Sustainability to Society
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