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Have you ever been to the Louisville Zoo? If so of course you’ll see the gorillas and monkeys. Their features are like ours,they are intelligent like us. Humans, chimps, and bonobos descended from a single ancestor specie that lived six or seven million years ago.

Humans and chimps cautiously evolved from a common ancestor, also their DNA passed from generations to generations , changed also. I explain comparing humans as animals by the similarities and unsimilar things. In my opinion humans over rule all creatures.

A lot of people ask “ what’s a homo sapien?”. Well scientifically “homo” is the genus and “sapien” is the species. Homosapien also mean human being. Humans are primates that belong to the taxonomic family hominidae.

They are great apes. Which means humans are related to chimpanzees, bonobos,gorillas and orangutans. The human animal bond is a mutually beneficial and dynamic relationship between people and animals that is influenced by behaviors essentials to the health and well being of both.

This adds other things, emotional , psychological, and physical interactions.

What role does humans play in the food chain ? Humans play numerous roles in a food chain depending on which organisms eat it. Us humans doesn’t really have natural predators. If a hula decided to only eat plants they are a primary consumer vice versa the ones who eat meat are secondary consumers.

Humans affect the food chain because we are known as dominant consumers. We affect by food webs that goes through energy production and agriculture pollution, habitat destruction, overfishing and hunting.

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The food chain is so important because consumers are organisms that receive energy by consuming other organisms. The role is important within an ecosystem such as balancing the food chain.

Are humans an invasive specie? Some say humans are the WORST of all invasive species. I believe they say this because humans have 360,000 or more babies born per day. We became invasive species because basically a initial explosive growth. The definition of Invasive species is an organisms that causes an ecological or an economic harm in a new different environment where it isn’t very native. They are capable to cause extinctions of plants or animals.

In this essay I told you about many things. How we humans were once in a time basically like apes. Our great food chain and what it is and how it works. How we are homosapiens and the definition of homosapien. How are humans an invasive species and the definition of invasive species. Overall I talked about humans as animals. I hope the information I gave you makes you understand humans as animals.

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The Definition Of Invasive Species
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