The Differences Between Climate and Weather and the Effects of Climate Change

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How Climate Differs from Weather Climate differs from the weather on the aspect of time. Contrary to the atmospheric conditions of weather which usually lasts over a short period of time, the climate is the manner in which the atmosphere behaves over a prolonged period of time [ CITATION Spe11 \l 1033 ).

Thus, the patterns of weather condition are short-term and hence it can be experienced on any given day. On the contrary, the average weather patterns of a climatic change are over a long period of time usually more than 30 years [ CITATION Spe11 \l 1033 ].

Challenges to Gather Data About Climate Change In order to determine and consequently evaluate the possibility of change of climate, data as to be collected. Scientists encompass a lot of setbacks, particularly when gathering data about climate change. For instance, when higher altitudes of global sea levels and millions of people, making calculations is climate change is rather cumbersome [ CITATION Spe11 \l 1033 ].

Additionally, there is the importance of the use of a big data technology to show details of graphical threats from global sea-level.

The small data technology is therefore incapable of gathering accurate information. Finally, the analysis, computations and the prediction of effects of change of climate is quite a challenge [ CITATION Spe11 \l 1033 ].

Extreme Oil Production Extreme oil production is the extraction of oil, gas, and coal from more extreme sources of fossils fuels. Nonetheless, the techniques involved in the extreme oil production are relatively dirty and dangerous. This is because the ease to get access to fuels resources such as oil, gas, and coal are becoming difficult, thus, the fossil fuels industries are retracting on more complex ways of extraction.

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Confrontation Between the Water Protectors and the Government Notwithstanding the confrontation between the water protectors and the government, I think it’s important to ensure that in as much as the government has the supreme authority in the land, water protectors should be allowed to execute their mandate freely as it is in the common good of the country. Thus, the government should support water protectors by enacting suitable laws and regulations focused on water policy as it is a fundamental part of and course of action on climate change.

Main Points from this Book Climate change is the change of weather patterns as a result of increased emissions of gases produced by fossil fuels such as carbon dioxide to the atmosphere [ CITATION Spe11 \l 1033 ]. The various responsive ways to climate change ensuring a sound management of the ecosystem, adopting effective ways of managing and disposal of chemicals and wastes and engaging in activities that help reduce climate change risk exploration [ CITATION Spe11 1 1033).

Mitigation of Climate Change Several countries across the world have adopted various ways of mitigating climate change so as to reduce the amount of gas emitted to the environment and consequently preventing global warming. Among the mitigation strategies adopted includes but not limited to the use of renewable sources of energy such as solar and wind power, development of a more sustainable transport system such as electric vehicles and using lands and forests more sustainably [ CITATION Spe11 \l 1033 ].

Effects of Climate Change Essentially, climate change is usually attributed to significant damages to not only creatures but also to the living organism. Hence, the change of climate poses a fundamental threat to places and to the livelihoods of people and species. Therefore, among the current effects of climate changes includes the shrunk of some glaciers across the world, loss of sea ice and more intense of heat waves [ CITATION Spe11 \l 1033 ].

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The Differences Between Climate and Weather and the Effects of Climate Change
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