The Effects of Global Warming on Ashland County Wisconsin and the Proposals to Solve the Issue

Global warming is an issue that impacts us all, and some believe it’s happening and is a problem, and those who think that there isn’t enough proof that it exists.

Global warming is the increase in average temperature across the globe that is changing every year. In Ashland County Wisconsin, we are concerned that global warming is happening and is negatively affecting many things. Specifically in our group, we are concerned with how global warming is going to affect the Ashland County Nordic Association, which includes the cross-country skiing club, the snowshoeing and ice climbing club, the snowmobiling club, and the Mt.

Ashwabay ski association. We feel that global warming is a concern and affects our group’s interests, so we need to get our opinion out there in the community. We think there is a way for our group, the community, and the county board to help solve this problem.

First of all, the debate still rages on to whether global warming is a problem Given the evidence presented to us, we believe it is.

Global warming exists because we are increasingly burning tons of fossil fuels which releases CO2 into the atmosphere and depletes our ozone. Fossil fuels include coal, oil, and natural gas emitted by cars and other machines. Our ozone layer protects us from harmful UV rays which come from the sun. Without this, our planet is in danger of being harmed in many ways. An example of how it harms us is the increase in temperature across the globe.

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This might not seem like such a bad thing in Wisconsin where our winters are bitterly cold, but over time this could affect our way of life negatively. According to scientists the average temperatures in the Great Lakes region will warm by 2 to 4 degrees C by the end of the 25th century. Also, global warming will increase rainstorms, make winters shorter, and lake ice cover will be thinner. This will be bad for fish because they need thicker ice to survive under the water during the winter. Another bad effect is that there will be increased erosion because of drier land and more rainfall (drier because of the hot temperatures). This will be bad for Wisconsin which relies a lot on farming for income. Summers, which were so nice before in Wisconsin, will eventually get hotter and fewer people will want to stay here because of extreme temperatures. Thus, tourism will be affected which is a big money maker in Wisconsin.

Global warming affects the Ashland County Nordic Association because our income comes from winter sports and tourism. If global warming is going to make our winters shorter, not as many people are going to be interested in joining a snowshoe club or signing up for season-long skiing because the price won’t be worth how long you get to participate in that activity. Not only will this affect our club but it will affect all of Wisconsin’s tourism in the winter because we are known for our ski hills, good parks for cross-country skiing, and a variety of other activities.

Some proposals we have to help solve this global warming problem are to become more energy-efficient in the state of Wisconsin. This can be done by anyone willing to participate and should be encouraged everywhere. Energy is being wasted wherever you go and we have become so careless. One idea is to support energy-efficient vehicles which burn less fossil fuel. Also, there are even vehicles now that use cleaner burning fuels that don’t release as much CO2. Let’s hope that these become more popular and are advertised more shortly. Some easy ways to save energy in the home include turning off your water and lights when you aren’t using them. If we all are conscious of how much this is a problem, we can come up with ways to solve global warming.

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The Effects of Global Warming on Ashland County Wisconsin and the Proposals to Solve the Issue
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