The Environmental Protection Agency and Its Goal in Preserving Our Environment


The goal of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is to improve existing environmental conditions and to support the natural balance of government, industry and the public to care for the environment and for the next generation. EPA’s responsibilities include water pollution and air pollution problems in particular. Common strategies for improving air pollution include legal regulations, sanctions and penalties. The main act to regulate air pollution is the Clean Air Act. Identification of toxic air pollutants and enforcement of national emissions standards for hazardous pollutants is an effective strategy.

For example, the Acid Rain program regulates requirements and driving permits to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Monitoring pollutant concentrations and encouraging industry and individuals to use environmentally friendly equipment is another important strategy for EPA. Strategic EPA targets for water pollution issues include clean water standards, water infrastructure and water protection, and improved drinking water quality in local water systems that do not yet comply with national standards.

Regular monitoring of the source and reporting of the condition will improve water quality. Among the recently developed EPA targets, the goal is to protect and restore the national source water resources. Another important action is to reduce the pollution of discrete pollutants and to implement sustainable practices. EPA has also developed a smart growth strategy that combines plans for more development with maximum environmental results. However, you can propose three additional strategies to maximize EPA’s impact on society. First, the mass media must be actively used to raise public awareness of the importance of a safe environment and sustainable practices.

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Second, an indepth analysis of the causal relationship between research to determine the outcome of human activities and environmental and human-imposed issues should be stimulated to allow the researcher to see a detailed picture of potential environmental changes. Finally, EPA needs to analyze the balance between the economic consequences of environmental regulation and the short-term and long-term perspectives.

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The Environmental Protection Agency and Its Goal in Preserving Our Environment
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