The Global Issue of Climate Change and the Efforts to Raise Awareness About It

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Global Issue of Climate Change Global warming and climate change are two of the biggest problems we face today. The temperature of the Earth is rising and the climate is changing. Although the climate has been changing throughout Earth’s history, the issues we are experiencing now are most likely human-induced. The main cause of global warming is due to the “human expansion of the greenhouse effect” which is “warming that results when the atmosphere traps heat radiating from Earth toward space” (NASA).

The effects of climate change are already having effects on the environment, such as shrinking glaciers, earlier flowering of trees, and the shift of plant and animal ranges. Most of these effects are what scientists predicted in the past. They predicted that global climate change would result in “loss of sea ice, accelerated sea level rise and longer, more intense heat waves.” Because of these rapid changes, any organization must be aware of the effects of global warming.

It is an issue that requires attention to be changed.

In Nick Snow’s presentation, he discusses how climate change not only affects the weather and environment, it also affects our health. Snow promotes climate change awareness by allowing people to see and understand that climate change can have negative effects on them and their health. This health effect is seen with anthrax, mental health issues, and zika. Anthrax, a “disease [that] had been confined for years in military research labs” was spread by carbon pollution, which released the disease’s spores.

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The increase in heat absorbed by the Earth from the sun will increase the number of and risk of heat-related disorders. The elderly and children have the highest risk. Climate change can also affect respiratory diseases because of the higher temperatures, increased pollen load, longer pollen seasons, and increased exposure to allergens.

Because the climate is changing, there have been more natural disasters. The increase in natural disasters is connected to the increase in mental health problems and PTSD. Not only climate change can affect our health, but it can also cause food security problems and water scarcity. He believes “tackling climate change could be the greatest health opportunity of the 21st century.” The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is also promoting awareness of climate change. The EPA provides a vast amount of information regarding different aspects of climate change, such as causes, effects, how it affects us, and how people can make a difference. The EPA also explains how they are personally tackling climate change. They are doing research and collecting data to find “opportunities for reducing emissions and increasing efficiency” (EPA).

The EPA also recently implemented the Clean Power Plan. The Clean Power Plan is an effort to reduce “carbon pollution from power plants that take real action on climate change” (EPA). This plan was put together by the EPA and President Obama in August 2015. This organization is also “evaluating policy options, costs and benefits” (EPA) to have a better understanding and ensure the effectiveness of the “proposed climate policies” (EPA). Some other steps the EPA is taking to tackle climate change are advancing science, having partnerships (internationally, states, localities, and tribes), and helping communities adapt.

Both Nick Snow and the EPA are promoting awareness of climate change and are trying to implement changes to tackle climate change. Snow focuses more on how climate change affects us and our health. The EPA, on the other hand, has a broader focus. The EPA focuses on the effect of climate change overall and how it affects various aspects of our lives. They both focus on similar consequences of climate change and discuss how crucial it is to become aware of this problem.

I believe climate change is an issue that should be focused on and we should do all we can to reduce the effects of climate change today. At a local level, people should be more energy efficient. More renewable resources should be used. To reduce the amount of pollution, people could use electric or hybrid cars, or even just carpool. At a national and global level, I believe it is important for countries to work together to use clean power. For the areas which are already experiencing the severe negative effects of climate change, it is important to relocate these residents to an area that is habitable and safer.

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The Global Issue of Climate Change and the Efforts to Raise Awareness About It
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