The Impacts The Japanese White-eye Bird On State California

A native species is a specie that has been observed in the form of a naturally occurring and self-sustaining population in historical times. Non- native species are species that live outside its native distributional range, but arrived by human activity. An invasive specie is any kind of living organism an amphibian, plant, or insect that is not native to an ecosystem and cause harm.

The specie that I have chose is the japanese white-eye bird. This is a small bird with green on it’s back, pale green underside.

Feet, legs, and bill range from black to brown. This paper will state the impacts this bird has on our state California. The japanese white-eye bird originated in Oahu, Hawaii. This became a problem in California in 1700 from european settlement. They traveled in different parts of their ships. They were submerged in ships and hulls of ships. They are a non-native species for Hawaii because they came here from human activity. In humboldt county they are a problem because they were increasing their numbers and now expanding their distributions in the county.

This is a problem in California for three reasons . First these birds have competition for food. Some birds eat the same things these birds do and most of the time they fight because one wants the better food. Second the displacement during population expansion. Some flocks get to big because they have to many birds in the flock. Then we have birds flying around without any where to go. Third surrounding avian species.

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These birds don’t have any impact in California but they did in Hawaii. In Hawaii these birds are in forest from sea level to the highest points of the mountains of Hawaii. Some agriculture impacts these birds have are clogging navigable waterways and water delivery systems, weakening flood control structures, damaging crops and introducing diseases to animals that are raised or harvested for showing.

A bird studyer Ms. Hall-Cather, is working on preventing these birds. She is currently working on a model describing reproductive potential of white-eyes from field observations made in the San Diego area. She also states the analysis of stomach contents of these birds confirmed their omnivorous habits. The cost of this would be over $ 70,000 .

This specie is negatively impacting California because the japanese white eye bird is a member of a bird family famous for expanding its range and consuming new types of prey. Through their impacts invasive species may also negatively affect human health and/or the economy. We need to be aware of this specie because they can start from a very small number and then soon over time star growing. 

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The Impacts The Japanese White-eye Bird On State California
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