The Importance of Global Awareness in Providing Solution to Global Warming

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I have always found peculiar how different the people from all over the world are.

Something perfectly fine and acceptable for one culture is completely despicable for the other, and while some support certain attitudes and body language many dislike them. People with the same language or the same homeland do not necessarily understand each other completely. There are dialects, and even what I consider sub-languages because they vary so much from the original language that they should not by definition be called dialects.

Yet despite all of those differences, we can always find a common link. People are capable of learning new languages and this, many times, implies a deep understanding of a culture different from theirs. Nowadays thanks to technology and scientific advances the world has become “flat” and people can more easily connect and travel to other countries. Global awareness, therefore is very important, when people are globally aware they can help in the search for the solution to problems like global warming, and even in an individualistic matter, it can help a person get potential employment in a foreign country or simply get along better with a foreign coworker.

Although problems such as global warming are not issues that can be solved overnight or as smoothly as we would like they are still problems that affect us all, even if some more than others. A while ago, watching a video by I realized that in general, we all have to do with the problem of contamination and global warming, even when we make a conscious effort of contributing to the change by recycling or doing some earth-friendly activity.

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The main reason is consumerism, the population of the United States in specific has been brainwashed for decades into becoming consumers, what people are not aware of about this is that by consuming seemingly cheap products that break down easily and have a short life span they are contributing, depending on the product, to the depletion of millions of trees or minerals from countries on the other side of the hemisphere, which in turn make life hard on the inhabitants of that land. Living in a place where they are exposed to illnesses and where they can no longer depend on their habitat to sustain them they are forced to move to other countries which are already highly populated, in turn, this creates more demand for food and goods exacerbating the global warming problem. However, it is not completely our fault because even when people do not consume the goods they are thrown away within six months, as the videos pointed out what we need is to take more action.

In the individual aspect, being globally aware is important as well, not only in the case of going abroad to work but even working at home with people from different backgrounds and cultures. Tolerance should be everyone’s motto, people should respect and try to get along with others even if they have different beliefs and or views of life, this is key in a work environment. During a conference, I participated in called ‘Women of Color in STEM”, Walmart vice-president, Fumbi Chima, Chrysler Group LLC director of Engineering Planning and Technical Cost Reduction, Olabisi Boyle, and Lockheed Martin’s Information Systems and Global Solutions president, Stephanie C. Hill, spoke on stage and each conveyed her individual experience on working in a different country or simply working at home with people who have an opposite culture to theirs and how useful it was for them to, as Chima pointed out, “understand the culture of the area that you are going to and build a strong relationship.”

In conclusion, global awareness can not only help us understand the problems which are keeping us from living in a healthier world and turn change that, but it can help us in our own daily lives to be able to work with people from different backgrounds peacefully.

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The Importance of Global Awareness in Providing Solution to Global Warming
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