The Importance of Studying Earth and Space Sciences

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Earth and space sciences (ESS) are an important domain because it shares much the other branches of science. We study physics and chemistry to investigate and understand forces, energy, gravity, and magnetism that help us to understand the size, age, structure, composition, and behavior of Earth and space. The same thing with biology that studies the planet, and geology that studies the rocks, which they relate to earth science.

Reading this chapter was very interesting because is helped me to understand the Earth more because we observe different phenomena and changes in the earth system.

Studying earth science helps to find answers for these changes and how small changes in the system can have large and unexpected costs in other systems; or they can have no consequence at all, so studying the earth sciences will help students to understand the causes and effect of these changes.

This chapter discusses four important core ideas related to the earth sciences that range from the largest spatial scales of the universe to the smaller scales and a more anthropocentric focus.

The first core idea is earth’s place in the universe that defines the whole universe including its structure, composition, history of the universe, and Earth’s planetary history. The second core idea is earth’s systems that explain the earth’s situations, its continual progress, and describes each earth’s systems such as atmosphere, hydrosphere, geosphere, and biosphere; and how each system has different sources of energy, and matter cycles. The third core idea is earth and human activity, which is about the interactions of human with the planet.

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The third core idea is the most interesting one for me because it describes how earth’s processes affect people through natural resources and natural hazards, and how human affects in earth’s processes.

We live on the earth so we should understand how these changes in any system of the universe will effect in our lives, and that we play a part in these changes. For example, earthquakes and hurricanes have been more active in recent ye reason for this change is the growing of population in cities and increase the global industrialization; on the other hand; the resources of water, arable land, plants and animals, minerals, and hydrocarbons become less than before The activities and advanced technologies that have built and maintained human civilizations clearly have large consequences for the sustainability of these civilizations and the ecosystems with which they interact. As the human population grows and per capita consumption of natural resources increases to provide a greater percentage of people with more developed lifestyles and greater longevity, so do the human impacts on the planet. Also, human do some activities that have harmful effects. For example, chemical activities in factories has left unwanted materials These are disposed of by burning the chemicals with fumes going into the air, or disposed of in rivers or the sea, and use refrigerant gases; all these activities effect in our environment such as the growth of the annual ozone hole and air pollution.

These core ideas help students to develop awareness about the place they live in. Students observe different phenomena, so studying this core idea will help students have an answer for their observations and learn the different practices that cause the earth changes over the time. Also, these core ideas help people to learn how to limit the bad effects. To have control of bad effects, we have to learn the engineering and technology beside the science. We cannot separate technology from science. Many science and engineering fields need to work together. Scientists work with engineers to create the mechanisms and tools needed to do research; in turn; engineers work with scientists to realize how different technologies work. Engineers are then able to improve technologies and create new technologies with better standards.

Scientists and engineers work together, especially in new fields such as nanotechnology or synthetic [synthetic what?). Also, scientists start work with engineers to develop and design technologies that produce less pollution and waste. They also develop alternative energy sources that can reduce environmental impacts such as use the sun, wind and biomass energy because they can provide clean power. Solar cell systems are one example of alternative energy that solar cell is a solid-state electrical that converts the energy of sunlight directly into energy. Engineering practices are effective to create and design models that use in class. The teacher can use models to do scientific investigate to find a solution for the problem.


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