The Issue of Air Pollution and Its Threat to Public Health

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Today, the issue of air pollution is one of the major threats to public health. The proliferation of air pollution threatens public health and is a tremendous threat to the health of people living in remote areas as well as in cities. In this situation, air pollution is an overwhelming problem affecting the whole country. Today, air pollution is one of the major threats to public health.

At this point, population vulnerability to the effects of air pollution cannot be underestimated because people are always exposed to the effects of air pollution (EPA, 2009).

People cannot live without air and they can suffer adverse effects of air pollution while being affected by outdoor activities. In this situation, people cannot escape the effects of air pollution, but air pollution can be reduced to minimize adverse health effects.

In this respect it is important to emphasize that air pollution can lead to the development of numerous health problems (Kehrl, 2004).

Indeed, the health problems caused by air pollution vary but are extremely dangerous. One of the most dangerous effects of air pollution is the onset of asthma. People exposed to air pollution and the effects of greenhouse gas emissions and other emissions can cause asthma (Kehrl, 2004). This is a chronic disease associated with difficulty breathing. However, the cause of asthma in the population is the cause of air pollution. Another disease caused by air pollution is cancer. In fact, air pollution continues to increase the risk of developing cancer, especially lung cancer (EPA, 2009).

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Cancer is a very dangerous disease that can lead to patient death if not diagnosed early in the onset. Air pollution can also cause heart and cardiovascular disease. This disease is the leading cause of death. The onset of heart and cardiovascular disease threatens people’s lives.

In this situation, children are at greater risk of developing many health problems, including asthma and cardiovascular disease, than adults. Children are more vulnerable to the negative effects of air pollution on their health during the body’s formation (). If the body is exposed to negative environmental factors such as air pollution, children will suffer from chronic diseases such as asthma. In addition, some chemical elements, such as lead, are lower at lower height children, but the higher the adult, the less vulnerable they are to such dangerous factors. Therefore, children are more at risk of causing other health problems caused by air pollution.

Today, the number of children suffering from asthma and other diseases caused by air pollution is increasing. Children are vulnerable to the side effects of air pollution and cannot cope with them on their own (Children’s 2010). Without a large program to prevent their air pollution and the negative impact of significant reductions in air pollution, their parents can do nothing.

In this context, the need to protect public health through the reduction of air pollution becomes evident. There is also a need to develop preventive measures and programs that can prevent a number of health problems (children 2010) by stimulating healthy lifestyles of children as well as minimizing adverse effects of air pollution on human health. In this regard, the roles of state agencies, medical institutions, social workers and the whole society are especially important. In fact, the joint efforts of the public, state, and individual can solve air pollution problems and significantly reduce the health of children and public health.

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The Issue of Air Pollution and Its Threat to Public Health
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