The Killer Whale

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Sherry Turkle argues how addictive technology is and how it can change the way how our mindset is in a wrong way. “Technology is seductive when what it offers meets our human vulnerabilities. And as it turns out, we are very vulnerable indeed. We are lonely but fearful of intimacy”(Turkle, 1) she explains how technology can meet the same standards as humans and people may rely into it a lot. Sherry’s expresses her main concerns by reviewing technologies that affect the human behavior to support her central worry of how addictive new technology is.

I disagree with Turkle’s argument because technology can manipulate kids into having the right thinking of reality. I disagree with what Turkle says about technology, specifically games. Turkle explains that technology is an enjoyment but comes with bad outcomes and uses a gaming accessory Tamagotchi as an example.

Children felt like they were an actual parent to the toys because unlike any other toy, they were able to build a connection.

Tamagotchi is a virtual character that needs to be played with, feed, and exercised. The connection felt so real even when the Tamagotchi dies, kids have a parent reaction as if they had lost their own child. Since the toy is similar to human life Turkle is concerned that some may think they can do the same thing in the game but inside reality for example like trying to ‘create’ another character in the video game. “People seem comforted by the belief that if we alienate or fail each other, robots will be there, programmed to provide simulation of love” it explains that robots will always be there and will always provide love.

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Turkle mentions this because kids are growing up and they may grow up to being confused of what reality really is. I disagree Turkle’s belief how this is a bad impact to younger kids. I believe it’s an actual support for the kids brain because playing the game on a regularly daily basis it will exercise the kids brain since the video game consists of making sure they eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, have enough exercise, and even get enough sleep.

This game connects into healthy daily activities that we all should follow in our everyday life, so this game supports kids growing into that type of mindset. Technology supports the kids mindset in a supportive way, not in a wrong way. The difference between electronics and real animals is more complex. One time Turkle visited the museum with her students. When observing the museum she asked the kids a couple of questions how they felt about their experience. Some kids responded that they they would rather see an electrical artificial animal than a real one. “ “They could have used a robot.” I was taken aback and asked what she meant. She said she thought it was a shame to bring the turtle all this way from its island home in the Pacific, when it was just going to sit there in the museum, motionless, doing nothing. Rebecca was both concerned for the imprisoned turtle and unmoved by its authenticity”. The reason for that is because they feel bad how animals have to leave their natural habitat when the electronic provides similar personalities. Turkle was surprised and took what the kids say into consideration and wonder why they wouldn’t want to see something that is real ” I believe that in our culture of simulation, the notion of authenticity is for us what sex was for the Victorians- threat and obsession, taboo and fascination. I have lived for many years; yet, at the museum, I found the children’s position strangely unsettling” Turkle prefers kids to see a real life animal so they can experience something real instead of a replica. I disagree and go against Turkle’s belief because it goes against the kids care for human treatment towards animals. Being inside a museum of alive animals reminds me of sea world where I consider it as a prison for animals.

I can relate to how the kids feel about animals being exhibited. When I went and saw my favorite animal, the killer whale I noticed many health problems along with polluted water and was so unappealing I would rather see an replica of the killer whale. Turkle claims that technology makes people have a wrong mindset but to me it seems like people are more caring when they consider using technology instead of alive animals. Compare to humans, you have to act in a certain behavior so that you can fit in with the rest of the crowd. Turkle claims that there is a toy called furry. Furry is a fur animal electronic toy that is most played by the kids age. When the kids were playing with the toy they were asking Turkle some questions if it’s possible to disassemble and play around the inside of the body. . I disagree with turkle’s argument on because technology can manipulate kids into having the wrong thinking. Turkle explains how the playing of technology is fun but it comes with people that to be thinking in a disorganized mindset. People shouldn’t rely in using technology but should resort to other things! I disagree with turkle on two things that she claims. I disagree with her view on games, electronic animals. I think that technology helps us more than it might harm but I think that it’s a good idea. but , I think that is a good thing.

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