The Phenomenon of Global Warming and the Government's Need to Address It and Create Policies in Order to Prevent Its Negative Effects

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Global warming is a national phenomenon that has been stirring up tension. Business leaders, scientists, and political figures continue to debate over possible solutions to an ongoing problem; however, little progress has been made in finding a mutual agreement. There is no doubt that human habits have destructive effects on the health of a nation’s people and our earth. From deteriorating wildlife to continents falling apart, it is surprising that little has been done. Do we even care? Sure, there are a few who dedicate themselves to this cause, but what about the billions of others who reside on this delicate land? Global warming is understandably not the most prioritized issue facing the nation, but it still needs to be recognized and dealt with.

When creating policies regarding global warming, our leaders need to take into account statistical data, probable outcomes for future generations, and citizen contributions.

Over decades, global warming has eased its way to the forefront of society.

Scientists and geologists have identified key factors that have coincided with annually increasing atmospheric temperatures. Source B showcases the shift in ocean surface temperature from low negative degrees (celsius) to whole numbers. The statistics range from years eighteen eighty to two thousand and four. Although the graph is dated, anyone can easily predict the outcome of the next ten years. Source Areassures the evidence in Source B by stating “In the 20th century, the world’s average surface temperature rose by approximately 1-degree Fahrenheit, the fastest rate in any period over the last 1,000 years.

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” (Source A) Scientists predict a shift in temps and sea levels that could drastically impact the world within a precedented amount of time. “There is very little doubt“…our best estimate suggests an average temperature increase of 1.4-5.8 degrees (celsius), a sea level rise in the order of a meter, significant changes in weather patterns, and more extreme climate events.” (Source E) Based on the prediction taken from Source E, the probability of change is extremely likely. Though, do not be fooled by these predictions, as they are not completely accurate conclusions. The experimental data and observations conspicuously predict the well-being of the world. Leaders involved in preventing further damage need to notice these statistics and implement them in tactics of encouragement towards the population of the world.

Already, there are signs of global warming recognized through the detriment of wildlife and the ongoing rise in sea levels. If immediate action is not is already apparent that sea levels will continue to rise; rumors of California and other regions of the world should provide urgency. Source D exemplified the attitude of people towards situations in which all negative components can not be fully secured, leaving remnants of destruction. “If we put a washed plate under a microscope we are bound to see lots of particles and greasy remnants, but we have better things to do than spend the whole day making sure our plates are a little cleaner…we prioritize and choose to live with some specks of grease.” This is the mentality that most people seem to have. How much will future generations tolerate? Primary generations of today need to build awareness in children and young adults to better prepare them for the predictable detriment of society as we know it.

When remedies to global warming are presented, only a few make it a priority to contribute. Though, many Americans and people in other regions brush the facts off their shoulders. What they don’t understand is that although it is not directly affecting them at the time, their kids and grandkids will be facing the result of their laziness. Source D touches on human prioritizing and its contribution to the deteriorating environment. “Many people love to say that we should have a pollution-free environment. Of course, this is a delightful thought. It would likewise be nice to have a country with no disease… The reason why this does not happen in real life is that the cost of getting rid of the final disease…will always be ridiculously high. We invariably choose to prioritize in using our limited resources.” (Source D) There is no doubt that this is an accurate description of human mentality. Life seems to take over and global issues affecting not only the individual, but a population of people seem to always be brushed under the rug. It seems like there is no urgency whatsoever to help this cause as a majority. Yes, people have the right to not contribute, but it would help if they did. Those who are a part of global warming prevention need to appeal to the public and have them realize how serious the situation is.

All in all, global warming is a serious issue that is not taken as a priority by the public. Statistics and facts clearly show the increase over time of negative impacts due to global warming. Those who are associated with preventing this situation need to excite the public to increase awareness and contribution. If these steps aren’t taken, stronger measures may have to be enforced. As a whole, we need to find a mutual understanding and compromise into relieving present and future damage.

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The Phenomenon of Global Warming and the Government's Need to Address It and Create Policies in Order to Prevent Its Negative Effects
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