The Process and Practice of Recycling in Prague

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The Art of Recycling in Prague I. Recycling Prague Upon my arrival to Prague, I noticed how Czechs embrace recycling. Recycling in the Czech Republic has become part of the Czech culture. Environmental analyst, Vojtěch Kotecký, states, “the Czech Republic is one of the leaders when it comes to plastic bottle recycling, and this is the result of a very successful [waste management] law from 2001.”l Due to this law, there are now recycling bins in most residential and touristic areas.

Bins are coded in order for people to separate materials as follows: blue for paper and cardboard; yellow for plastic; and green for glass.? As of 2015, bins and the contribution of people made it possible for Czech Republic to recycle around 30 percent of municipal waste.It is a great improvement from 2000 when only 7 percent of municipal waste was being recycled. If the recycling culture continues to be encouraged, this number should be even bigger within the near future. II. Recycled Art Apart from disposing of recyclables properly, artists are taking a new approach. iry shows a rise of recycled art. “In the hands of an artist, recycled trash is transformed into new creations. Stylistically diverse, these works incorporate reclaimed objects.”5 Artists who dare to adventure within the recycle bins discover new treasures.

For example, artist Graham Eagle created “Shoe Fly.” “Shoe Fly” used 100 percent recycled materials: wooden shutters, children’s shoes, medical bag, wooden spoons, and coat hangers. © The final product looks like a replica of the Wright brothers’ plane.

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Recycled art brings awareness to the importance of reusing or recycling materials.

III. My Final Project As I moved to Prague, I became more conscious about recycling. I have now included recycling part of my everyday routine. For this reason, I decided to attempt to create recycled art. My final project was composed of all recyclable materials I gathered throughout my stay in Prague. I mostly gathered cardboard and plastic from food containers. I created a face with these materials.

The face symbolizes myself. It was surprising to see all the materials I was going to recycle. I wanted to put the materials as a physical object to show all the things I use everyday. I needed a physical representation of the recyclables in order to understand my impact. Seeing my project encourages me to continue to reuse and recycle. Additionally, I will continue to practice recycling art to decorate my plain room. As the famous saying goes, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

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