The Pros and Cons of Hunting of Killing or Trapping Animals

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For my I-Search topic, I would like to research the controversy of hunting. This includes questions such as if hunting is helpful or harmful for animal ecosystems and if trophy hunting should be banned. It is a current issue with many controversies surrounding it such as the call for an end to hunting from animal rights activists and news stories involving poaching and trophy hunting. A prime example of this was the mass controversy that arose after the killing of Cecil the Lion in 2015.

I chose this topic because I am a hunter myself and this controversy affects me directly. It interests me because I would like to find out what others think about the topic of hunting. What I would also like to know is which side of this controversy has the most factual and statistic based evidence to support whether hunting is helpful or harmful for the animal population as a whole and humans.

My personal opinion on this issue is that hunting is not harmful for the animal ecosystem or humans as long as it is not done for sport or poaching as this endangers animal populations and can even drive certain species to extinction.

I will be able to find information on this topic from credible news sources, hunting forums, and publications from animal-rights activists who oppose hunting. This topic affects human culture and the animal ecosystem as hunting has been practiced by our oldest ancestors. A few organizations and institutions affiliated with the topic are the World Wildlife Foundation, Wildlife Alliance, and Paws.

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There are a few major questions that arise in the controversy of hunting like if it is helpful or harmful for animal ecosystems, if trophy hunting should be banned or regulated, and if laws against poaching should be better enforced in order to protect endangered species. There is a large debate surrounding this topic because of these thought provoking questions and because of the growth of animal-rights activists who oppose or question the morality and ecological impact of hunting.

The topic of hunting encompasses a wide range of issues and viewpoints so I will focus on a specific question that arose in the controversy over this topic. The topic of hunting is important not only at a national level but also at an international level. Animals inhabit all areas of the earth and so do humans so this topic is relevant in almost any location. Specific places are affected by hunting such as wildlife preserves in Asian and South American rainforests and African savannas which are regularly affected by the issue of poaching. Human society is also affected as many begin to question whether the age old practice of hunting is necessary in modern day society. My topic has been important and is still important because it is still a controversial issue that is being debated regularly. For my topic I will focus mainly on the present day issue of hunting but possibly use examples of where controversy arose in events that happened in the past few years such as the killing of Cecil the Lion by a Minnesota dentist or the killing of a highly endangered white rhino by Honeywell’s CEO, David Cote.

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The Pros and Cons of Hunting of Killing or Trapping Animals
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