The Root Causes of Environmental Issues

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There are multiple root causes of environmental issues. These causes include religious roots, cultural roots, biological and evolutionary roots, and psychological and economic roots.

For this brief essay, I will explain how I agree with the cultural roots but disagree with the biological and evolutionary roots. As industrialization increased in the modern world, so did the need for natural resources [Und). This need for natural resources has led to practices that eliminate non-renewable and renewable resources at an alarming rate[Lis].

Mining and deforestation projects are large in numbers, and the rapid growth of these projects rises as our demands for natural resources increase. Unfortunately, these projects are also harvesting resources faster than nature can produce them if they are renewable resources, to begin with. Add in the resources used just for the industrial harvesting process, and it becomes evident of a long-term cyclical process of depletion that will eventually lead to a time when we no longer have the resources required for further development.

While I do not completely disagree with biological and evolutionary roots as a root cause of environmental issues, I feel that the ideas behind them are misleading. Resources are not only utilized by human beings, but by all living creatures in some form or another. The earth and its creatures existed for a very long time before humans existed and science has shown a delicate balance of harmony in ecological systems. This balance in the ecosystems has led to nature thriving, even when creatures are utilizing resources for their own needs and purposes.

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It was not until humans were introduced that nature began to go out of balance. Humans helped introduce invasive species to other ecosystems and began a large-scale effort to mine and collect resources that are destroying ecosystems as a whole.

List of Non-Renewable Resources

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The Root Causes of Environmental Issues
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