The Senseless Torture of Animals During Bullfighting

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There are many practices, traditions, and celebrations from around the world which others may think of as barbarous. Bullfighting is an example of one such practice that may seem viscous to many and is practiced in a few countries like Spain, Portugal, and Mexico. Bullfighting is a cruel practice where men torment a bull to its death, simply for entertainment. Bullfighting comes from prehistoric bull worship and sacrifice in Mesopotamia and the Mediterranean region. It is a sport that is still practiced today and occurs when a man fights one or more bulls in a ring.

The Matador, or the bullfighter, intimidates the bull with a Muleta. A Muleta is a red cloth on a stick which is used to anger the bull and obscure the sword. The red color of the Muleta does not actually anger the bull, as many believe, but it is just a tradition.

The spectators do not consider bullfighting as just a sport, rather, they believe it is deeply engrained in the culture.

The goal is to kill the bull by stabbing it multiple times with a sword. Sometimes in a fight, the matador is killed or injured. Many may be attached or very passionate about bullfighting, however, I believe that this activity is very barbaric, and I find it repugnant. The matador’s primary objective is to kill the bull with the sword, but if he does not kill it, he stabs it until it is paralyzed. This slow murder is one of the cruelest acts one can commit.

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When the bull collapses and its spinal cord has snapped, they cut its ears and tail while it is conscious and keep them as trophies. Bullfighting is never a fair fight. The bulls suffer and go through unbearable pain; all for culture and entertainment. Also, the matadors are risking their lives to impress the audience for money and fame. Many may say that it does not matter if the bulls die because they argue that bulls do not have feelings like humans. Also, they say that the matadors are choosing to participate and fight. However, the bulls are killed in an inhumane way and suffer a slow and painful death.

After the bull collapses due to injury, they cut it up while it is still conscious and keep the body parts as trophies. The matador has chosen to risk his life because of the money and fame he receives while being cheered on and rooted for by a crowd who has no clue about the danger he is facing. Because bullfighting supports the senseless torture of animals and endangers human life in the process, I believe it is a cruel sport and tradition. Many countries have banned this act, however, many have not. We should try to protest against such actions where animals are treated so inhumanely and are cut into pieces for fun and as a source entertainment. This culture or tradition must be ceased at once to save the bulls and the matador who risks his life for a useless cause.

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The Senseless Torture of Animals During Bullfighting
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