The United States Should Encourage Its People to Fight Global Warming

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Climate Change

A big problem facing the United States government today is climate change, also known as global warming. This issue needs to be taken more seriously by the government because this problem will not only affect the United States of America but it is going to affect the whole world. Global Warming is the heating of the earth’s atmosphere. The earth has been changing temperatures since the beginning of time. This warming of the weather is due to greenhouse gasses.

Greenhouse gasses such as methane and carbon dioxide absorb the heat that usually leaves the earth. The human species are to blame for speeding up climate change. The United States can help to slow down Climate Change by participating in the plans of the united nations, encouraging the people of this country to help by becoming greener, and managing our resources.

Humans can slow down the process of climate change. From November 30th through December 12thn 2015, the United Nations held a meeting with a lot of countries around the world in Paris, France.

This conference was intended to come down to an agreement to reduce greenhouse emissions. So far one-hundred and eighty-eight countries have agreed to participate in the planning. There is a budget and every country has to contribute. The bigger countries have to contribute more than the smaller countries. One of the problems is that some people do not take it seriously nor do they want to believe in global warming. One of these people is the United States presidential-elect Donald Trump.

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Now that Trump is about to be president people are scared that the climate change agreement will not be funded.

The people of the United States will have to agree with the movement towards a greener united state for things to change. The government should use propaganda and education to encourage all of the people in America to live a more green life and the government will have to convince them to give up a few things. Propaganda should include movies, commercials, speeches made by celebrities, and politicians. Important brands will have to endorse recycling and environmental slogans on their clothes. The benefits of being a more green person should be emphasized. The dangers of not helping to slow down global warming should also be emphasized. Some of the dangers include parts of the United States and of the world going underwater due to the ice caps melting, and the extinction of endangered animals. Another danger is a drought, which is what is currently happening in California.

Humans’ footprint on this environmental problem is caused by deforestation, burning fossil fuels, pollination, and industrialization. An example of pollination is when garbage gets thrown into the ocean. A solution to that problem would be to recycle the things that are thrown away and remake them into other things that can be useful. Deforestation is when people go into forests and cut them down to build more businesses, malls, houses, etc. Deforestation is unhealthy for the earth because all trees capture carbon dioxide and release oxygen. America is a very influential country and once we are more are greener, the rest of the world will follow.

The united states government has to focus on one of the biggest problems facing America today, which is global warming. This environmental issue affects the world and our resources. The United Nations needs the United States to be involved with the program to be more green.

Everyone needs to be involved.


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The United States Should Encourage Its People to Fight Global Warming
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