The Use of Animals in the Media in Our Modern Era

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Ever since the media became popular, it has resulted to the use of animals so as to advertise certain products. This is since all animals carry a symbolic meaning. For example, horses inspire a feeling of class, quality, and perfection and most importantly, power. Therefore, certain companies have used horses in a bid to portray their chosen image. For example, the company Ford used a horse to create the logo for their Ford Mustang, a popular muscle car and to propose that the car is powerful[ CITATION Bar06 \l 1033 ].

Ferrari used a horse in their logo so as to invoke the idea of class in its target consumers.

In terms of billions of US dollars, the expenditures on pets have dramatically increased from the year 1994 to the current year. In 1994 for example, the expenditure was at 17. In 2017, the expenditure had spiked up to 69.36. This translates to the fact that money spent on pets in the country has been increasing by about 2 billion dollars in every year[ CITATION APP17 \I 1033 ].

This trend can be attributed to the fact that humans are recognizing the need to integrate animals into their lives in a greater capacity. The trend is thereby bound to continue in subsequent years. The grumpy cat meme is a popular representation of a cat that appears to be angry for no reason.

The meme is currently among the most trending cat memes on the internet[ CITATION Eli17 (1 1033 ]. The cat itself is photographed with a seemingly disdainful facial expression and is mostly accompanied by some text citing disdain.

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The meme is popular due to the fact that it is a unique representation of cats. This is since most memes picture cats as cute adorable creature, thereby, this meme presents some originality. Another factor may be the fact that the look on the cat epitomizes the self-sufficient nature of cats that humans envy.

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The Use of Animals in the Media in Our Modern Era
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