The Water Pollution Prevention in Oceanic Areas

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Water Pollution Prevention Water pollution occurs when contaminators are disposed into water sources and thus causing environmental degradation. Continuous pollutants disposal not only affect the marine ecosystem but also the biosphere surroundings (Nanda & Pring, 2012). In regard to this, the government should adopt policies and implications such as law suits that would restrict waste disposal in the water catchment areas. Moreover, a culture of proper environmental hygiene is maintained thus to preserve the heritage of Ocean City.

The country and the citizens should come up with organizations that practice quality disposal through garbage collection in Oceanic areas.

With this, death of marine life and subsequently effects on humans in those localities will reduce from spreading. The implementation of the act would make the organizations vulnerable to lawsuit policies by setting regulations that influence the community on water pollution prevention (Vesilind, Peirce, & Weiner, 2013). Oceanside local authorities are liable to sue the companies and individual that disposes harmful substances into the water and even their closure.

Into consideration different garbage disposal methods should be implemented so as to separate the recyclable and non recyclable material (Sands & Peel, 2012).

Radioactive waste from nuclear power plant in oceanic sides has also one of the dangers pollutants in the environment. This has led to the rise of Recover Corporation deals with the collection of the radioactive waste therefore prevent its deposition that would result to death of marine life and human life due to their toxicity (Förstner & Wittmann, 2012). The corporation can also sue the companies that dispose toxic material in to the water and leading to endangerment of the residents.

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Accordingly, the actions can lead to the closer or damage of such companies branding. In conclusion, it is significant to all companies and respective individuals to be in the first line in water and environmental conservation through proper waste management. By implementations of lawsuits that infect the policies and restriction of toxic waste and pollutants disposal into the water by either suing or enclosure of companies. To enhance effective and continuous hygienic water conservation the government together with individuals should found corporation that clean the source and maintain health residence thus preventing the death of human beings and marine life.

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The Water Pollution Prevention in Oceanic Areas
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