The Whole Evolution of Mankind

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Throughout, mankind has been struggling to perfect the civilization for themselves and for the future generation, but unfortunately, they have failed in achieving the success towards creating a perfect society. It can be said that the world is a complicated place to live in and the ideologies of today’s society have also greatly contributed towards making it more difficult for an individual to live and act in one’s own way. Every individual has their own meaning of how an ideal society should be and what an ideal society should look like.

According to I.D.E.A.L Society, ideal society can be well-defined as a group of people of all ages collectively interacting from numerous nationalities, cultures, religions, and backgrounds (“I.D.E.A.L. Society”). Ideal society can be given a range of different definitions by different individuals which are totally dependent on their own belief.

In my opinion, an ideal society is a place where everything seems so perfect and has no problems, and the starting point of the ideal society completely initiates in the human mind.

Time to time I wonder how life would stand comparable to if we can begin all over and create a totally new society. Education to create a well-educated society and wise use of renewable resources to protect our loving motherland are some of the important ingredients for a perfect society. In an ideal society, a combination of the aforementioned ingredients allows everyone to live peacefully and healthier life. Every country’s educational system is different in their own way all over the world.

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Every country works tremendously hard in order to create different practices which could be used in educating and building a better understanding for their students. Education and knowledge lead an individual to a healthier and improved understanding to most of the aspects of life such as happiness, collective benefits – unity and trust, economic growth and stability.

Consequently, education and knowledge are the most significant components for this society to flourish and not be dangerous. The minute we invest in education, we are investing in our future generation: the world’s next leaders, modernizers, and entrepreneurs. Education acts as a skill or knowledge that plays a significant role in an individual’s life as it opens doors to greater opportunities in one’s life which can later be utilized to create a better and healthier future. In the United States, as the student continues through the education system from preschool and kindergarten to middle and high school, the break time between each period is reduced. In addition to this issue, homework is assigned daily, and the amount of time spent on doing homework increases as the students continue through education. In college, many students find difficulties to cope up with responsibilities from work, school, and families. Due to not being able to manage all these responsibilities at the same, numerous students tend to drop out of school.

On the other hand, if a student wishes to continue further education in college it becomes their own responsibility to afford costly student loans that help them pay for their school tuition, books, and school supplies. There is certain government aid, such as, financial aid—FAFSA and EOPS that helps student’s complete college; however, the students that are eligible for these programs are for low-income families. The students who fall in middle-class families are still struggling to pay for college through their own pocket because they do not qualify for these programs. According to US News, in a survey conducted amongst more than 2,000 college students from 33 different states and 156 different campuses, the U.S. Public Interest Research Group found that the average student spends as much as $1,200 each year on textbooks and supplies alone (Hill, Phil, et al). In addition, the materials and supplies needed to complete college is tremendously expensive and continues to keep rising every year.

Furthermore, our life is a process where we are learning and gaining new useful information. It also allows us to recognize the world outside of what just surrounds us. Advancing and gaining a good education in the present day has become a prerequisite of success in one’s life as it is a foundation for a better and happier future. According to Michael Moor, director of the movie, Where to Invade Next, discovers that the educational systems in Finland and Slovenia are known to be the world’s best education system (Moore). In Slovenia, education offered at the college level is not only free of charge, but also the tuition fee for the international or foreign students is very low (Moore). According to the Los Rios Community College District – Enrollment and Tuition Fees – Spring 2019, in the present educational system the cost of one unit for the California resident is $46, and on the other hand, the cost of one unit for the foreign student is $317 (“Enrollment and Tuition Fees – Spring 2019”).

You can see that there is a very huge difference. The educational system that Slovenia has is one of the impressive systems that I will adapt and practice in my ideal society. With this issue being highlighted, in a utopian society, a free educational system to students attending college with all required school supplies will be provided free of charge, but certain rules and criteria will be required to be fulfilled by students. For instance, a student will have a meet a certain level of GPA in order to qualify for this free educational system. Now, moving towards free school textbooks it will be more similar to what’s being done at high school, where at the begin of each semester every student will be given the textbooks that are required for the course but not the ones that are recommended for the class. Then, it will be the responsibility of the student to keep the textbook and return the book at the end of the semester in the same condition it was issued to them. Failure to do so, and if the books are lost there will be fine.

This will make college student less stressful, and be more focused and determined towards completing their college journey more successfully. In addition, the free educational system will not only encourage more students to continue college but also it will provide ideas and notions to people which makes them proficient of undertaking new and interesting things which they discovered through knowledge. Education is a stepping stone for our future. Moreover, the time has arrived where the actions and choices we take today in this modern society could lead us to some shocking effects tomorrow. Most of the people have become so hooked on technologies such as machines and other electronic devices, which requires energy and fuels to operate. The extreme use of this fossil fuel to operate such machines are becoming so harmful for the surroundings. According to “What Is U.S. Electricity Generation by Energy Source?” in 2017, about 4.03 trillion kilowatts of electricity was generated in the United States at utility-scale facilities (U.S. Energy Information Administration). Fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas, and petroleum were primarily contributing to about 63% of this electricity generation, while nuclear energy contributed 20%, and the remaining 17% was from the renewable energy sources (U.S. Energy Information Administration).

Numerous environmental problems arise when we individuals are burning fossil fuels to enjoy technologies, which today’s generation is so hooked on, but the major ones are air pollution and ozone depletion also known as global warming. Awareness against global warming and ozone depletion are made to the general public through the use of mass media such as television news, newspapers and other electronic media. We, humans, are extremely responsible for global warming and climate change through our selfish actions. Humans for the past decades have but been releasing the by-products such as carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxide into the atmosphere without proper filtration of the harmful chemicals which has contributed to the major depletion of the ozone layer. Research has been conducted, and it was concluded that if our generation continues to burn fossil fuels at the present rate then our future generation will have to pay for our selfish actions.

For our future generations to see the exquisiteness of present days it is tremendously important for us individuals to take some action towards preserving our motherland and friendly ecosystem. With this issue being highlighted, in a utopian society, I have a strong feeling that a greater use of alternative and renewable energy such as the use of solar, wind, biomass, and hydropower can help slow the downturn of the motherland from its environmentally friendly devastation. Foremost, in order to create an ecologically approachable renewable electricity society, I will be looking at installing solar panels. According to Akanksha Gupta, in the article entitled “The World’s Most Used Renewable Power Sources,” solar power is ranked the third biggest renewable energy source, where the dominant source is the photovoltaic technology (Gupta). Solar energy has tremendous capacities to resolve the stimulating problems we are facing in today’s world. In fact, we humans are so fortunate that for billions of years the sun has offered us extra energy than we could ever use, and sunlight is something no one has control over. Solar energy is classified as ecosystem friendly as it is completely natural and well thought as a clean energy source.

In addition, solar energy does not have any danger to the environment nor it interrupts the eco-systems similarly as coal, oil, and other energy sources do. If solar energy is collected, converted and be available for community use there will be a huge reduction seen in global warming, and as well as in the damages caused to our surroundings by the harmful and untreated gases released in our ecosystem. Not only this, but individuals could also utilize the solar energy to generate heat, produce hot water and bring light into this households. Many countries around the world have been approaching on changing to renewable energy. The major reason that caused this change to take place is that the countries are working towards achieving a low-carbon future through the implementation of solar energy. Germany, Italy, China, the US, and Japan are some of the countries that possess the biggest solar photovoltaic technology capacity in the world, while Spain is the home to more than 75% of the global concentrating solar power capacity (Gupta). Solar energy is not only ecosystem friendly, but it also benefits the local communities economically.

For instance, creating a friendly ecosystem, we are supporting renewable energy companies, leading into creating more jobs for the local public who are employed for the installment of solar panels on more house rooftops. This creates a positive cycle where the more individuals who utilize renewable resources, the more people the companies will require to sustain the clean energy systems thus, creating more job opportunities for the local public, which means more revenue. This will create revenue circulating in the country thus creating a sustainable economy. According to Vijayalaxmi Kinhal, in the article entitled, “Why Is Solar Energy Important?” the United States was the fifth largest producer of solar panels in the world in the year 2016 and by 2015 there were 209,000 people employed in solar jobs (Kinhal). Also, the solar industry grew 12% faster than the average American job market, keeping the economy moving (Kinhal).

In conclusion, an ideal society should be a place where every individual should have similar rights irrespective of who they are and where they come from. The structure of an ideal society should be strong and rational, which can lead the general public to create perfect relationships between themselves. I think education and wise use of renewable resources does create healthy and perfect relationships between the people as this helps them to find solutions to their existing problems and achieve their goals together irrespective of their color, religion, and ethnicities.

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The Whole Evolution of Mankind
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