Tobacco Pollution In The Atmosphere

The following sample essay on “Tobacco Pollution In The Atmosphere”: talks about the impact of smoking on the atmosphere.

The Issue Tobacco pollution is pollution caused by the smoke that was emitted by cigarette users. It is very common around the world, and almost the whole population of Earth is being affected by users who are living close by. Smoking cigarettes is caused by major poverty.

The main problem is addiction and protests. For example, when governors increase cigarette taxes or even ban them, cigarette users will protest for taking away human rights.

If it is about e-cigarettes, protesters will say that it would not affect anyone because it does not have a smoke. This evidence proves that their lack of knowledge about the consequences of vaping can be devastating for them in the future. The consequences are often strokes, heart diseases, and lung cancer.

Global Goal: reduce tobacco pollution in the atmosphere Make sure you have sufficiently and concisely explained the issue/problem by offering points, evidence, and explanations.

Think of the 5ws and h. Point – Tobacco pollution is one of the common but deadly pollutions. Evidence – According to “the guardians” and “WHO” the single breathing of tobacco has killed 5-7 million people in a year and harms billions of people. 90% of the population of Earth is agonized by breathing that any living creatures must do to survive, especially the kids. Recently WHO has discovered that 91% of the population is living in an area that breaches the chart in a high rate of WHO air pollution due mainly to the common smoke of a cigarette.

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Most of the environments on Earth have 6 times more toxic fume than average international air pollution guidelines. Even though the cigarette plays a big role, it has killed an estimated 9 million people annually with particle pollution.

Reasoning – Air pollution is very severe, due to its size and necessity. If people think that they don’t want to breathe because there are about 7000 toxins in the cigarette and the effects are very devastating. It is very common for the low-status country and people which is about 1 billion times 80% of that. It’s very common and the toxin can once it has met with air, the particles will form together with other components and fly away up to another side of Earth. Point – Tobacco pollution is caused by addiction, poverty, and chemicals. Evidence – According to the truth initiative, a single cigarette includes about 7000 toxins and after the firing, it still has a dozen hundred toxins in itself. The problem with addiction is extreme and smokers are protesting against the government for taking a human right. According to Who, only 33% of countries are available for encouraging people to stop smoking, and for example in China, only about 40% know that smoking causes serious diseases. Although vaping cigarettes is odorless, it has a chemical called nicotine which is the main reason why vaping cigarettes causes lung and heart disorders. Due to the lack of knowledge about e vaping, e-cigarettes are becoming a new trend not only for adults and kids, which has increased the users of cigarettes.

Reasoning – poverty is the main reason for this because people with low-income status, have a lack of education and they have a very extreme-harsh life. Once they are addicted to drugs, cigarettes, beer, and gambling they are less likely to be recovered from the addiction and cannot live a vivid life again. Once the chemicals are reached in the brain, it creates satisfaction and that causes addiction, just like drugs. Over recent years, e-cigarettes have been a new trend for the population of smokers and kids. Due to the lack of knowledge about the consequences such as malfunction, and toxins. According to CNN and the government something yellow. Point- The consequences of breathing tobacco is extreme.

Evidence – According to Diseases control and prevention, the cigarette causes way more death than illegal drug use and alcohol use which indicates that this is an addiction that is hard to be solved. For example in the U.S., the number of soldiers who fought in WWII death is less than an annual death that is caused by vaping. Smoking and vaping cause about 90% of lung cancer and 80% of COPD, it has increased worldwide among adults and kids. People who smoke have a risk of getting heart disease and stroke 2 to 4 times. For lung cancer, it increases the rate of risk by 25 percent. Cancer can be caused in 12 different major spots by absorption only smoking. E-cigarettes can malfunction by exploding. Reasoning – The consequences are not just affecting the people who made the decision. It is harmful to the people who are vicinity to the smokers. Second-hand smoking is mainly the reason why it kills people.

When people are vaping, the smoke goes out to the outside of the atmosphere and the cigarette butt has no capability of going back the way to the fire source. Since the head of the cigarette has a filter, people who are vaping are deciding to harm others because of their stubbornness or addiction. The smoke is usually absorbed by the bystanders, which is utterly unfair to people who decide to be good citizens. Vaping should be stopped because it harms others and less to the source. Do the point/evidence/explanation cycle as many times as you need to. (Just don’t let your paragraphs get too long! Start a new one to avoid that.)

The HISTORY of the issue Summarizes how the issue became a big deal. Point – Evidence- (include citations) Explanation – Transition- Evidence – (include citations) Explanation – Smoking tobacco is started in the estimated of 5000 BC by the native Indians. It was a method of smoking in ritual events, hunting, and medicine. In hunting, hunters use it as a boost or food to replenish their thirst and hunger. It was discovered when the tribe was having a big drought and that brought them to a dry leaf, that could be eaten or smoked. Then after 1492 Christopher Columbus arrived, tobacco was rapidly spread around Spain and then it breached Europe rapidly and massively. When another explorer, named Rodrigo de Jerez, he has smoked tobacco in curiosity but after the settler found him smoking they had a consequence for him. He has been in jail for about 7 years. IN the 16th century, Europe was introduced a new kind of medicine, tobacco. After being introduced, it has rapidly spread around to Asia from Europe by the open sea. Countries started to discover new tools and new ways of using tobacco.

The US government, however, thought that smoking tobacco is a devil’s act, so they decided to tax the tobacco, but it wasn’t effective at all. After tobacco was a newly introduced item, and developed over time in all areas, it started to show its true form. In 1930, cigarettes have been made. Then it was used widely during wars and the female consumers save been soar through the chart. However, people have neglected the study that happened way before the development of cigars. In 1761, a study has found out that tobacco is very addictive and it was discovered that it can be causing noise and other cancers. Then after about half of a century, scientists finally realized that cigars can be very hazardous. As the time passes, the cigar started to show its true form by causing lung cancer unexpectedly. The first ban started in 1908, that have banned people who are younger than or the same as 16 cannot vape.

Then the countries have banned cigarettes from the public spaces or even in the whole country. Then suddenly a new kind of tobacco tech was invented, which is called e-cigarette in 2003. Now in the current status the situation there are more than a billion cigar users.

The CURRENT STATUS of the issue What is going on today? What new things have developed because of the issue? What are the dangers or conflicts? Point- Tobacco pollution are causing more and more devastating effect to population as time goes on. Evidence- When tobacco started in the first place, it was used widely around the world as a medicine, however as time passes, tobacco evolved into a potential threat to the globe. Tobacco pollution’s affects are the reaching the deadliest in the current status. It is very common around the world and it causes most of kills out of the pollutions According to ABC news, smokers are now protesting against the ban that doesn’t even work and steals the freedom of human rights. Reasoning- Even though this pollution may have been one of the historical pollutions that goes still on today, it is still common and devastating all around the world causing most of the death. The bans are not affective as it was in the old days. Now smokers are marching through streets protesting about the smoking laws and say it is the freedom and the government is restricting it. The reason why this is happening because even though government tries to help them but since they have not experienced the consequences they won’t know the danger of it. For tobacco education they should have smokers meet another smoker that have gone to far to go back and now he or she is sick and regretting it.

Transition – Devastating affect of a pollution that has threatened mankind for centuries is rising again from the fringe of the iceberg of air pollution, tobacco. This is the old and common pollution that has gone around history since the day of Christopher Columbus arrived in America. This has killed thousands of man, woman, elders, and kids and recognized as most deadly air pollution with streaking kill counts. Evidence – According to WHO, around the world, 80% of smokers, in numbers 1.1 billion, are living in a low and middle economic country. Add to that, according to the data in CDC of the percentage of tobacco users, it is very common for people who are under phycological stress or people who live in low-income status. Since with the multitude number of smokers, according to very well mind, a number of 6.5 trillion cigarettes are being sold around the world annually, in other words, every day 18 billion cigarettes are sold. Tobacco nowadays kills about half of all the smokers, in rephrasing there is 6 million death annually which means about death from breathing smoke in every 5 seconds. The impact of second-hand smoke has about 600,000 people killed annually. Scientists and researchers assume that by the end of 2030, the rate of tobacco death will convey to eight million. Due to an annihilating effect to human health, smoking brings you about minus 5 to 11 minutes of smoker’s life expectancy. If it accumulates, non-stopping it will cut 12 years off of smoker’s life chart. Another thing is that surveyors don’t really know pervading of smoking in the whole national status because only about 39% of the world’s countries gives the data.

The reason why tobacco is so deadly is that it contains over 4000 kinds of toxic chemicals and scientists only acknowledge 250. Second-hand smoke’s effect is influencing half of the population of kids by letting it get into their lungs regularly. That has caused about 890,000 premature death annually around the world. Over the population of 1.4 billion, only 20% are protected by comprehensive national smoke-free laws. Explanation/Analysis – These pieces of evidence suggest that the high pervades and the toxic chemicals make one big pollution, not only affecting the users also affecting harmless non-smokers. This is approving that the ignorance of the threat is making it aggravating far more. Governments are doing bans and anti-smoking movements, however, it is not enough to stop this pollution. Governments need to take more actions not only in banning also educate and support the anti-smoking acts. It clearly shows that many people are harmed and influenced by something that they didn’t commit to. Even though the pollution’s size and effects are devastating and long lasting, there wasn’t even a glimpse of the complete end of this historical pollution that still goes on in our society affecting billions of people everyday life.

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