Tourist Potential of Can Gio

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 A place with high potential for tourism development. It has both forest and the sea, separated from other lands that make the atmosphere in Can Gio is immaculate, this place is also home to areas with the potential to develop sightseeing for visitors. But now the land is forgotten because transportation is still confusing and has not been correctly invested. This land, thanks to the following factors, gives it the potential to develop the Tourism travel and hospitality industry

1.Natural condition

Can Gio district borders the East Sea with about 20 km of coastline.

In Can Gio, it has Can Gio mangrove forests, mangrove forests interwoven with river systems dense contained ecosystems identifiable biological diversity high with many plant and animal species endemic to the coast of Vietnam Male. Forest land is 32,109 hectares (46.45% of the district area), and river and canal land are 22,850 hectares (32% of the district area). Mangroves account for 56.7% of the district area. Can Gio has about 69 islets large and small.

Can Gio is located in the equatorial tropical climate, the main wind direction is the Southwest, the rainy season starts late and ends earlier than other localities in the region (from May to October), the dry season from May. 11 to April next year. The average temperature is about 250C – 290C, and the average humidity is from 73% to 85%. The average annual rainfall is from 1,000 to 1,402 mm. The rainy season ends soon, creating favorable conditions for the extended tourist season.
Can Gio have a coastline of nearly 20 km, the sea can grow many species of seafood such as clams, shrimps, oysters, oysters, fish.

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The sea is an excellent resource of Can Gio, so in the distribution structure, the district\'s fisheries economy is always considered a spearhead economic sector, one of the drivers of socio-economic development.
Can Gio Mangrove Forest has become a \"lung\" and a \"kidney\" to purify the air and wastewater from industrial cities in the upper reaches of the Dong Nai – Saigon River into the East Sea.
In 2000, Can Gio became the first Mangrove biosphere in Vietnam. Can Gio Island consist of thousands of species, including terrestrial (monkey), marines (crocodile) creatures.

2.Geographical location

Can Gio is the only district of Ho Chi Minh City adjacent to the sea, located in the Southeast, about 50 km from the city center. Can Gio is like an island separate from the surrounding, four sides are river and sea. Long Tau River flows through the middle of the district

3.The infrastructure

Due to the separation from other localities by many large rivers and no bridges crossing, now to Can Gio, people have to use ferries, mainly Binh Khanh. The most crucial road in Can Gio is Rung Sac road running from the Northwest to the Southeast of the district, newly upgraded in mid-2011.
People can go to Can Gio by bus, motorbike or car.

4.Famous places to visit

 Mangrove forest

Can Gio Mangrove Biosphere Reserve, also known as Sac Forest is a complex of terrestrial and aquatic fauna and flora, formed on the vast delta of the estuaries of Dong Nai and rivers. Saigon and Vam Co River. Can Gio forest has the primary function of protection, plays an essential role in national defense, but also opens up a high potential for eco-tourism. UNESCO recognized this as a world biosphere reserve on January 21, 2000, with its unique flora and fauna typical of the mangrove zone. This place is known as a critical national tourist area of Vietnam

Vam Sat Park

In 2000, Vam Sat eco-tourism area located in the core area of Can Gio biosphere reserve was established. In February 2003, Vam Sat recognized the Vam Sat tourist area as one of two zones. World eco-tourism with sustainable development in our country. There are many exciting tourist activities such as visiting bat lagoons, boat trips on the river, visiting the bird sanctuary with lots of river-borne birds, interacting with wild monkeys, learning about flora and fauna of the area here. This place is used not only for tourism purposes but also the home of many species such as monkeys, crocodiles. Besides, tourists can have the opportunity to explore the bat cave.

Can Gio beaches

Can Gio has three beaches: Can Thach beach, Saigon Sunbay, 30/4 beach

Monkey Island

Tourists can interact with monkeys and their habitat
future development projects
Can Gio Bridge project has the starting point at the intersection of Road 15B with Road No. 2 – Phu Xuan Urban Area, Nha Be, and the endpoint connecting Rung Sac Road, at a distance of 1.8 km to Binh Khanh ferry from the south. in Bình Khánh commune, Cần Thơ. Can Gio Bridge Project helps this area connect more quickly and closer to the central districts such as District 7, District 4, District 1, This promotes trade, trade with surrounding areas, accelerating schedule of eco-tourism projects and increasing the number of tourists. replacing Binh Khanh ferry, connecting Can Gio district with the city center,
The City also plans to invest in the construction of an elevated route connecting Can Gio Bridge to Can Gio Urban Area to supplement the Can Gio District General Planning Examination Exam.

  • Upgrading and improving Rung Sac road.
  • Developing the waterway system by high-speed train connecting Can Gio with District 1, linking Can Gio with Vung Tau.
  • Ben Luc – Long Thanh Expressway.
  • In particular, the development of a route connecting by helicopter from Tan Son Nhat airport to Can Gio and investing in a modern sea bridge connecting Can Gio
  • Vung Tau (about 17 km long) is also possible. HCMC will consider the investment and development process of Can Gio district.
  • The second project that makes tourism development in Can Gio high is the billion-dollar entertainment complex of Vingroup
  • Vinhomes Long Beach Can Gio scale up to thousands of hectares with 5-star resort items, golf courses, casinos, made the investment prospect of Tourism and hospitality industry higher than ever.

In March 2019, Ho Chi Minh City People\'s Committee proposed the Ministry of Planning and Investment to consider, evaluate, and submit to the Prime Minister for a decision to expand the project to 2,870ha. With Vingroup\'s project, infrastructure and relocation will be best invested by the government. This project will also be a trump card to promote and keep visitors staying.

Thanks to nature, geography, and infrastructure, the traffic listed above plus the highly invested projects show the government\'s determination to develop Can Gio, in particular. is the tourism industry. It shows that Tourism travel and hospitality development potential of Can Gio is very high, and it is worth investing.

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