Unavailability Of Clean Water

In today’s society, there have been many instances of water crises Flint, Cape Town, Africa just to name a few. Water scarcity is a shocking reality most people do not consider in their everyday lives. In fact, researchers claim that over 200 million people will be displaced by 2030 due to the unavailability of clean water. If there were an ongoing-5-year national water crisis, my actions would reflect my own ethical and political beliefs to ensure change. There are many solutions to the topic of a national water crisis, but there will be no change without education, and that starts with me.

I would move to create a committee of dedicated peers to educate my community on the seriousness of a water crisis and how essential it is to preserve fresh, clean water. It is a part of my duty as a citizen to recognize the urgent environmental matters occurring around me. Recognizing the extent of a water crisis is part of the solution; furthermore, it is equally important to assess how to resolve the issue and prevent future water crisis.

There are many ptoeople who are uneducated about “invisible water”– or water wasted through the consumption of agriculture, production, and everyday actions.

Crops are heavily dependent on the access of fresh water which is necessary to produce a sufficient amount to feed our population. It also requires a considerable amount of water to produce a single pair of your favorite pair of jeans or a t-shirt. By educating the community on the scarcity of water and the harmful effects of wasting water it allows others to question how they may get involved.

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I hope that educating my community on the need to emphasize water conservation prevents harmful wasteful habits. Social media plays an influential role in society. I would use social platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat to voice how critical it is to stand up and take an action to stress the importance of getting educated and then getting involved in this water crisis. Social media promotes real change within a society because many individuals of the younger generation seem to understand the issues that are important to fix before it is too late. By creating a presence on social media about the undeniable crisis of water, it helps individuals call into question their actions in creating this detrimental issue. With a strong social media campaign it incites change within our community; whether that be changing your faucet head to preserve water or donating to educational efforts in support of water conservation. It is necessary to utilize social media to your advantage because it is the most influential platform to pursue change. Though my actions seem minor in the wider scheme of the past water crisis starting future water conservation starts with one person to create a lasting change.

With my social media presence, I am able to take a political stance on how important conserving freshwater is. Politically it is important to stress the conservation of clean water by taking taxpayers dollars to properly distribute funds for critical needs. Better funding could assist by investing in technology to prolong the use of water and create fresh water from salt water. Though costly for the average citizen it is dire for the continuation of fresh water. Unfresh water is an epidemic that kills hundreds of people every day due to the diseases within the water. With this, it is important to acknowledge the importance of freshwater and pay for it like so. Not only would I stress the proper distribution of tax payer’s dollars but also the increase on water taxes, within a reasonable range of course. By increasing water taxes it urges Americans to cut back on unnecessary water usage: shorter showers, regulated sprinklers, decrease in community car washes, etc. Technology and water conservation coincide because we live in a world that relies on technology to save us economically and environmentally as well. My actions to push for better use of taxpayers dollars to fund technological advancement ensures that we do not reach an irreversible water crisis and recognize how we may maximize the use of water.

I would also urge the states to consider utilizing other sources of fresh water such as the rain. The rain has been the savior of ending many droughts around the world. If it can save us in a drought it can also lend a hand when we are not in one: such as storage for future drinking water and a new source for freshwater. Most of the time rainfall rushes into the sewer system wasting gallons of freshwater that may help when we can simply utilize the Earth’s natural rainfall. Instead of allowing water to drain away, I would push for basins to catch the rain fall in order to clean and store it for future water crisis. Not only is storing rainfall necessary but recycling water as well. I would also take action by recycling water in my own life and encourage those around me to do that as well. There are many instances water may be reused to help with other tasks. Recycling water can be as easy as using the water you boiled pasta with to water your plants or as maybe even saving the last of your extra water to water your garden. Another action I would take to enforce this outside of myself is to collaborate with my local water district to strength my credibility so that others believe in the cause of recyclable water.

In summation, my actions of dealing with a past water crisis is to educate and stress politics, as well as, relying on the ethics of individuals to make a change. There are many outlets that allow us to reduce, reuse, and renew water; however, that heavily relies on necessary funding and passion to put an end to the environmental water crisis. Freshwater is needed to survive, without it, many people can die as a result of the harmful bacteria. However, fresh water is being wasted faster than can be replenished. Thus, technology and social media will ratify the change to conserve water by involving the community and creating a lasting impact for future water usage. Water conservation calls for more awareness and I hope with my actions there is an impactful change.

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Unavailability Of Clean Water
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