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Sustainability is the ability to continue a desirable behavior in getting the needs for today without compromising for tomorrow. We are all living unsustainably in one way or the other. The study discusses about sustainability and my unsustainable lifestyle in the first part. In the second part, the study defines the terms Ecology, Ecosystem, Organism, Population and Community. The terms are all interrelated to each other. Keywords – Sustainable, Unsustainable, Environment, Organisms.

1. Do you think you are living unsustainability? Explain.

If so, what are the three most environmentally unsustainable components of your lifestyle? Sustainability is the ability to continue a desirable behavior in getting the needs for today without compromising for tomorrow. Sustainability has three main pillars – Economy, Environment, and social which are generally known as profits, planet, and people. We are all living unsustainably in one way or the other. Some of the environmentally unsustainable components of my lifestyle are discussed below. I never turn off the ignition at a signal Authorities encourages us to turn off engines at a stop if the stop light (red) would remain more than 15 seconds.

Cars and vehicles emit twice amount of harmful gases in the idle state than while driving. Moreover, it will also save fuel and energy. But I never turn off the ignition so as many others.

This unsustainable lifestyle of mine affects the environment. We should all turn off the ignition at a stop whenever its possible. I make no effort to conserve electricity Electricity wastage has been increased over the past years.

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In 2012, the then power minister of Delhi stated that 27 % of electricity is wasted. Electrical and electronics appliances such lamps, TV, fans, AC, etc. are often seen running unnecessarily. We never thought of a huge energy loss by such a small energy consumption device. But when we think of every household, every states and cities; the energy loss is huge. I personally have the habit of switching on lights and fan even if I am not in the house. This is a kind of environmental unsustainability. One small act of ours can conserve energy sustainably. I never separate biodegradable and non-biodegradable thrash Only 60% of plastic waste and 23% of household is recycled in India. Switzerland recycles 52% of its wastes. More than 100,000 marine species die every year due to marine pollution. The recycling and other treatment process can be enhanced by separating biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes. Usually I never separate the two which is a very unsustainable way of lifestyle. Each and every person should hold the responsibly equally to save the environment. Each ton of the waste is choking the earth as we live an unsustainable way of life.

2. Define the following terms: Ecology, Ecosystem, Organism, Population and Community. Ecology Ecology is the branch of biology that deals with the study of interactions between organisms and their environment. The main components of ecology are the biotic component and the abiotic component. The biotic components include all the living beings such as plants and animals. The abiotic component includes the physical and chemical surroundings such as light, temperature, humidity, etc.


Ecosystem can be defined as the complex of all the living beings and the interactions with their environment in a particular area. There are various types of ecosystem such as forest ecosystem, aquatic ecosystem, desert ecosystem, grassland ecosystem, etc.


Organism can be defined as a lifeform with mutually interdependent parts considered as an entity. The mutually interdependent parts maintain various processes necessary for life. Plants, animals, fungi, etc. are all example of organism. Population The whole number of organisms of the same species or group residing in a particular area may be term as the population of that species. If we see the population for human, the whole number of people or inhabitants in a particular region or a country may be term as population. The population and the growth rate of a species can decide the species which are endangered.


A group of organisms that live and interact with each other within the environment is term as a biotic community (biota/biocoenosis). It includes direct and indirect biotic interactions such as predator-prey-interactions, commensalisms, mutualisms, etc. Community can be divided further into major and minor community.


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Understanding of Sustainability Issues
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