The United Nations and Thailand

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The United Nations came into being in the year 1945, at a time where the world was ravaged by the second world war and is just inching its way through standing up again. The United Nations has always served its main purpose as a herald and promoter of peace within its various member states. The United Nations does this by working on ways that can prevent possible conflicts, they also act as a bridge for countries to make peace with one another, the main goal of their every action is to maintain the peace it has built and let it flourish throughout the years.

They also take part in acts and works that would lead the world into a pleasant and peaceful place to live in. These works include Protecting human Rights, ensuring that everyone is treated fairly while maintaining equality. They also participate in Delivering Human Aid in times of great tragedies, catastrophic events, or natural disasters, providing manpower, financial, and other forms of aid.

They also promote Sustainable development, which can ensure that we could have a great quality of life without doing harm to the world we live in. They Uphold International Law that can help in guiding its member states towards resolving disputes and maintaining peace.\nNow, since the year of its introduction back in 1945, it has grown exponentially from the initial 44 countries which were the allied forces, the victors of the second world war. New members are allowed to join the United Nations Under the recommendation of the Security Council and via garnering two thirds the votes of the General Assembly.

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Now, the United Nations is 193 countries strong, they are composed of various countries around the globe, which serve the United Nations’ main purpose of upholding and preserving international peace. The United Nations now consists of six Principal Organs, namely, the General Assembly, the Security Council, the Economical and Social Council, the Trusteeship Council, the International Court of Justice, and the Secretariat. The General Assembly Discusses issues and disputes of other countries, though it has no power to manipulate them, but only give recommendations to their courses of action on how to settle their disputes. The Security Councils’ primary function is to maintain international peace and security.

The Economic and Social Council is the one that directs and coordinates the economic, social, humanitarian, and cultural activities of the United Nations and its agencies. The Trusteeship Council is formulated to supervise the government of their trust territories who are incapable of governing themselves, these efforts will in turn, lead to the independence and self governance of the trust territory. The International Court of Justice is the primary Judicial organ of the United Nations. The Secretariat or Secretary General is the primary administrative officer of the United Nations. These organs serve to impose the primary mission of the Organization.

Throughout the years, the United Nations has done a great deal of service to people in every corner of the world. Within the seven decades of its existence, it agencies, programs, and staff have been able to gain Nobel Peace prizes. These prizes are awarded to those who have done exceptional work for the fraternity between nations, abolition or reduction of standing armies, and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses. With its rich history painted with its great efforts to promote and preserve peace, the organization and its members have been awarded a total of eleven (11) Nobel Peace Prize awards. The latest of which was back in the year 2013, it was awarded to the United Nations for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. Knowing what the effects of these weapons do, such as mustard gas and nerve agents, the United Nations has been deliberately making efforts to prohibit the use of such Chemical weapons as it can do great and long lasting harm to soldiers and even civilians.

Countries are open to join the United Nations given that they accept the United Nations Charter’s obligations and are willing to carry them out. Being a member of the organization is beneficial for the country in many different aspects. The United Nations provides aid or assistance to its members who were affected by natural calamities. They also provide economic development and assistance to its member nations through the International Monetary Fund (IMF) or World Bank Group. Member nations can apply for loans in the said institutions for them to use for the development of their economy. Members of the United Nations could also benefit from the organization in the aspect of health.

The United Nations strengthens the health sector of the country through different programs such as promotion of maternal health, eradication of child mortality, and fighting against HIV/AIDS. This is in partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO). Being a member of the United Nations can also strengthen human rights in the country. Respect for human rights is one of the guiding principles of the United Nations and members are obliged to follow this principle. Given these benefits, it may well be argued that countries would apply membership for the United Nations. This could be the reason for Thailand, or any given country, to join the United Nations. Thailand, although not being one of the original members, is one of the earliest members of the United Nations joining a year after the organization was established. Thailand became a member of the United Nations on December 16, 1946. Since then, Thailand has contributed much for the United Nations.

Thailand served as President of the General Assembly in 1956. It has also become part of the United Nations’ Security Council as a non-permanent member from 19985-1986. Being a member of the organization for more than 70 years, Thailand has engaged in many different peacekeeping operations in different parts of the world. For the past years, Thailand has been an active member of the United Nations, mainly because of their continuous support and adherence to promotion of human rights. During the year 2010’s, Thailand was a member of the Human Rights Council, which stands relevant to what the United Nations wanted to happen, which was to have cooperation and make ways on how to deliver the mission properly. One of the major contributions of Thailand to the United Nations is their advocacy and goal to find alternative means and techniques in terms of improving crop culture and cultivation, which is well-known in their country. They also focused on main issues such as the presence of drugs and crime. They also promote active and proper use of resources to resolve problems.

Thailand also continues to support and commitment to make the world prosperous and developed in the following years. \nToday, most of the United Nation institutions are located in Thailand, that is why it is considered to be the main centre of United Nations activity in Asia and the Pacific. It is also where the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) is located. Thailand also functions to be the regional development arm of the said institution. During the recent United Nations 74th session of General Assembly which happened in New York, Thailand participated and addressed their concerns, and one of the things Thailand’s representative talked about was from how the recent events make globalization as anti-globalization. They also asked everyone to unite in order for everyone to move forward. Thailand was also the chairman of last year’s ASEAN summit which had a theme, “Advancing Partnership for Sustainability as Core Focus of ASEAN’s Goals and Undertake”.

Thailand also gratified the Paris Agreement under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, because they believed that environment crises are a global problem, therefore, man is the global solution and a global collaborative effort. Moreover, they focused their attention on environmental degradation to oblige us to do more and be committed to the environment because it suffered too much neglect and abuse.

The United Nations Country Team (UNCT), present in Thailand agreed to and signed the UN Partnership Framework or UNPAF 2017-2021 with the Thai Government in July 2017. This involves the United Nations’ commitment to also help Thailand be a more stable and developed country. This document also states that responses of the system to the different priorities of the country for national development. Thailand aims to achieve different sustainable developments to further improve peace and ensure security for all. Thailand has adopted the sufficiency development philosophies as a fundamental approach to SDGs.

Thailand aimed to have an equal attention between development and progress, which was shared with other group members as well, specifically, the ASEAN members. They put efforts to push for partnership and to turn conflict into cooperation so that development and progress would be sustainable. They exerted emphasis to continue the strengthening of part Thailand also works with other member countries to form partnerships that would help their economy through trading. Thailand is also promoting the people centric international and national policy as an important part of their social and economic policies. They also pushed to put livelihood to everyone as one of the top priorities of the United Nations, plus suggesting to create an approach which gives opportunities to all. To conclude, Thailand is still an active member who has been doing its part in participating and formulating programs that would lead to world progress and development.

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The United Nations and Thailand
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