Usage of Natural Resource in Energy Security

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The term energy security could be described as a vague concept as it is that which has different meanings to various people. Some literature even suggest that the term is undefinable as what It means to a group of individuals might be different from what it will mean to another. Nonetheless, the term energy security could be described to mean the stable supply of energy which involves oil and gas, liquid fuels and electricity to a particular population as the time they need it and at a reasonable price to the consumers .

Furthermore, the idea of energy security is a very important as it promotes quicker and faster responses to emergencies, it could be used to boost the economy of a country, it reduces stress as it could be used to do certain works humans would ordinarily do through the use of robots, cars, machines and other modern technologies which requires energy .

Ways of achieving energy security

Advancing energy system resilience through broadening of supply sources; Energy security is more lined up with flexibility than autonomy.

One of the most significant strides in guaranteeing security of supply is to set up energy sources that are characteristically insusceptible in light of the fact that they're differing and also in various places. At no time has the playing field been so in any event, for any nation to accomplish this. Never again are nations constrained by an absence of hydrocarbon enrichment, or unacceptable geographic situations for hydropower. Expenses of renewable technologies have plunged over a lot of years, permitting misuse of natural resources which each nation has, the sun and wind.

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Uruguay is noted in the current year's report as a nation which has accomplished considerable execution enhancements since the 2009 EAPI benchmark, moving from its original position and which amounted to moving ahead of 15 which automatically made it tenth position .

Some portion of this performance improvement has been driven by a noteworthy increase in the introduced limit of sun oriented and wind energy. This activity tended to a notable security of supply issue brought about by overreliance on hydropower, which brought about power cuts during dry seasons and required the ignition of costly importation of oil in order to advance.

Achieving the ambitious of the Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDC) committed to at “Conference of the Parties COP21”; Carbon discharges from non-renewable energy sources are giving indications of a potential boost because of rising vitality productivity and a stoppage in the development of developing markets. In any case, regardless of whether this level of emanations will proceed for long in this season of political vulnerability unclear. A level of discharges will likewise not be sufficient to restrain the world's temperature ascend to the eager objective of 1.5C, and sensational decreases are required if this is to be accomplished. The means singular nations should take so as to respect their INDCs will drive enhancements over each element of the vitality triangle.

Significant increments in energy effectiveness will have both a positive effect on monetary development and progress, through reduced energy power, decreased import bill and improved energy security. All things considered; the establishment of a protected energy framework is to require less energy in any case. Moreover, emanations decreases will require a more diversified essential energy supply to incorporate a higher extent of low carbon sources, which amounts to natural gas and renewables, bringing about an increasingly secure and practical energy framework.

Nonetheless, remaining underneath as far as possible requires decreases in outflows of emissions a long way past the combined effect of all INDCs, and is rather expected to be accomplished using negative emanations advancements, fundamentally bioenergy with carbon seizure and capacity. To make this achievable the governments has to exhibit solid and continued help for the included businesses, and to drive and steward speculation to guarantee current carbon seizure and capacity innovation obstacles are outlived. Bringing the populace on board with changes, improvements and developments in order to create a general, inexpensive energy system for all.

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Usage of Natural Resource in Energy Security
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