The Village Life and The City Life

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Ever since I were a child, I've always thought about where my future house after retirement should be, either in a city or a village. Both areas have a lot of interesting qualities. In order to make a decision, I will compare and contrast between the different facilities and other aspects. Such as air, e-communication and schools for my future children. These different aspects are of great concern to me.

One of the first thing that people notice when they visit a village is how fresh the air is, unlike the air in the city.

This is due to the highly polluted air in the city. The thing that causes this difference is people in villages use animals, bicycles or even walking for transportation. Whereas in a city vehicles are the easiest way for transportation because of the long distances between areas in a city.

Due to the numbers of factories, industries and mills in a city, it is exposed to various kinds of pollution such as noise pollution, visual pollution and most importantly air pollution.

Now in the modern world e-communication has become one of the most important life essentials. Companies have all their equipment installed in cities because of the high population in a city.

That assures the companies of good return on their investment. Meanwhile in a village they rarely install communication transmitters, which makes the communication network in rural areas very poor. On the other hand, in the cities, communication networks are virtually everywhere even in the poorest neighborhoods.

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The educational system and schools in the city are better than the ones in the village. The number of schools in a city and the facilities are far more when compared to that in a village. A city has many options such as public and private schools that has ne advanced technology and equipment for students, to encourage them in achieving the highest scores in their grades.

Finally, in order to choose a perfect place for my future home, I had to take into count different aspects. The first one being air, the air in villages is less polluted than the air in the city. The second aspect is e-communication, e-communication is better in the city because companies have installed their advanced equipment there because of the high population.

My last point was schools, and schools in the city is well cared for more than the ones in villages. So, when it comes to choosing between living in a city Vs a village, I choose to live in a city.

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The Village Life and The City Life
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