Water as a Crucial Fluid for Humans, Animals, and Plants

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The life of both animals and plants is impossible without water. Without water, about 70% of the body will die of dehydration. About 75% of the Earth’s surface is water, and in most areas there is a saturated layer known as a water table just below the land surface. Animals and plants have a lot of water in their makeup, and some animals control their movement according to the water source.

Without water there is no life. The moon is desert of desolation because there is no water in the moon.

It was the water that determined the location of the human settlement, and it should be remembered that the Nile was not developed by Egyptian civilization. The Nile provided Egyptian irrigation and transport facilities. As Herodotus said, Egypt is a “gift of the Nile.”

Urban people rarely think about the importance of water. When he needs water, all he has to do is turn on the tap. The only time cities get to know the importance of water is when there is a drought and water supply is regulated.

Imagine a dry day with taps. Townsman thought life would be unbearable. He could not brush his teeth, shave, or bathe in the morning. After lunch, he would have had trouble struggling to wash. He would have used cloth to wipe his bowl. He could not wash his car. But when the day is over, Mr. Townsman will realize that water is precious and not a waste of water.

Scientists think that water is the most fascinating fluid in the world because of its versatility and usefulness.

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Electricity is generated by the force of flowing water. Unlike other substances, it expands when the water freezes. In ancient Rome, snow was used to pack shrimp and meat. Ice is used for freezing. Water is converted to steam and used as power.

Whatever you eat depends on water for its growth. Through the use of irrigation, water can convert the entire, barren area of land into a luxurious, rich and fertile area. In some parts of Spain, the rain has fallen over the past few years and fertile lands have dried up, making the desert a barren land. This, in turn, led many people and their families to move to new places.

Most of us think that our everyday water supply is natural. It may not be fully aware of the importance of water. Many people have lost their water due to lack of water. Soldiers know that the most effective way to conquer any city or fortress is to reduce water supply.

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Water as a Crucial Fluid for Humans, Animals, and Plants
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