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Water conservation is trending in many top companies. Companies like Starbucks, McDonald’s, Abbott, and Coca-Cola have incorporated unique approaches to help decrease their ecological footprints. These companies are implementing water conservation approaches when it comes to the design and operation functions of their companies.

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Starbucks, one of the leading coffee companies in the world, continues to take initiatives that lead to a decrease in water consumption. According to an article on the Food Drink & Franchise website: as of 2018, Starbucks has earned a “.

38 billion revenue” (Rowe 10). Starbucks is also an international company that “today has over 27,000 stores worldwide; with a third of these located overseas” (Rowe 10). With such a high revenue in coffee sales, billions of gallons of water are consumed each day to run the business. As stated on the Starbucks website, “In 2008 we set a goal to reduce water consumption by 25% in company-operated stores by 2015.” (Starbucks 1). With the implementation of new store design, water systems, and plumbing approaches, Starbuck stated “we are proud to have exceeded our goal and reduced water use by 26.

5%” (Starbucks 1). Starbucks has implemented water protection strategies to ensure that the water they use to make their products is clean. They are currently “investing in programs addressing critical community needs such as water access, sanitation and hygiene” (Starbucks 1). Not only is water reduction key, but the sanitation of water that is being used is essential in protecting our environment as well.

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Another popular, water consuming company that has proven water reduction rates is Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola is a “total beverage company, offering over 500 brands in more than 200 countries and territories” (The Coca-Cola Company 1). Considering the large production quantities Coca-Cola has, it is imperative that the company takes sustainability into practice. Coca-Cola has a history of partnering with non-profit and profit organizations that help them achieve their water usage goals. For example, “Coca-Cola added $12.7 million to its commitment to the Water and Development Alliance” (Wheeland 1).


The Coca-Cola website states their water conservation approach focuses on “improving water efficiency, recycling water used in our operations and replenishing resources through watershed restoration and protection in partnership with conservation organizations, universities and local governments” (The Coca-Cola Company 1). Additionally, the company has contributed to the reduction of water use in their manufacturing plants by replacing water rinsers with air rinsers and installing systems to reuse waste water. A Coca-Cola manufacturing facility, located in Auburndale, Florida, has excelled in water reduction.  “Since 2006, the facility has cut its water-use ratio in half through initiatives such as optimizing the backwashes of carbon filters, changing to dry lube and optimizing clean-in-place technologies and processes” (The Coca-Cola Company 1). In addition to the water-efficient equipment, the Coca-Cola team is “dedicated to identifying and implementing water-saving practices that enables continuous improvement” (The Coca-Cola Company 1).

Awareness of sustainability within a company can make a huge impact in our environment. Starbucks and Coca-Cola are both leading companies in sales. Because these companies generate such a large number of products that are being consumed by buyers, and they earn such a large profit in product sales, it is essential that these companies implement several waste reduction plans. With more funds available to invest in water conservation approaches, a huge amount of their ecological footprints can be decreased. Every bit of water reduction makes a difference.  


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