Water Pollution as a National and Global Issue

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Fresh water is crucial to life on earth, yet more sources are being polluted through human activities each year. As we all know that water pollution is a national and global issue. On a global scale, 2 million tons of sewage, agricultural and industrial waste enters the world’s enters the world’s water every day. It also have harmul effects outside of contamination of the water we drink. It also disrupts marine life, sometimes alerting reproductive cycles and increasing morality rates.

Humans and all living species in the world rely on water but due to water pollution we are facing most of the problem. The main reason of water pollution is lack of awareness among people.

Even the present study investigates the level of awareness about water pollution in Delhi only. The study concludes that the majority of educated youth (94%) perceives water pollution as environmental challenge and (52%) respondents ranked it (1-3) as most important threat. The study identified dumping of waste as one of the most important causes of waste pollution; untreated sewage as the second most important cause of water pollution and industrial discharge as the third most important cause of water pollution.

The study identified typhoid, diarrhea, dengue, jaundice, malaria etc are associated with water pollution on the basis of survey. In some rural and urban areas people do no get fresh water due to which they are suffering more.

A variety water quality issues potentially impact rural pollutions. In some cases it was found that people drink dirty water because they\ndo not have any other option or we can say that there is lack of awareness among people who do not the effects of drinking polluted water.

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Although there are some very different sources such as mine drainage in rural areas which causes acids and heavy metals to enter metal body whereas in urban areas land fill sites can cause pollutants such as ammonia to enter water systems. If we talk about marine life, in a study it was found that over last decade, we have produced more plastic than we have in the last 100 years.

This sharps increase in plastic entering our waters harms not only marine life but also humanity. Plastic kills fish, birds, marine mammals and sea turtles, destroy habitats and even affects animal’s mating rituals, which can have devasting consequences and can wipe out entire species. Some steps were taken to control water pollution like awareness campaign involving citizens and strict enforcement of environmental laws by concerned agencies as the appropriate solution to control environment degradation. It is recommended that there should be proper waste disposal system and waste should be treated before entering in to river and water bodies. Students of colleges represent their plays to spread awareness among people.

The Ganga action plan was, launched by Shri Rajeev Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of India on 14 Jan. 1986 with the main objective of pollution abatement, to improve the water quality by Interception, Diversion and treatment of domestic sewage and present toxic and industrial chemical wastes

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Water Pollution as a National and Global Issue
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