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During the first day on the job, I believe employees shall be oriented to all guidelines and processes for the safety and health of the water systems. This is to make sure everyone lives the same way they came to work that morning or evening. Many times all the information is overwhelming during the first or even the second week of employment. To counteract that, continuing training and in-service should be provided on a consistent timetable per the job responsibilities.

Some training could be web-based which can be tracked and notify the employee when and if an annual requirement is coming due.

The training program which I am familiar with will notify the supervisor of the 45 and 90 days along with overdue time frames. This way the supervisor knows if the person falls out of compliance. Especially if it is for Lock-out Tag-out.

Records of Care and Preventive Maintenance Records

The system should have operating records and reports. A good example is rounds and readings.

I know a few guys who are proactively wanting to reduce or even eliminate that part of the daily operations. I think walking around and listening to the equipment can tell when something is out of sorts.

The water system needs an operational account of various maintenance scheduled programs, Some types of examples would be typical records are flow records, chemical feed, and inventory records, sampling records, and pumping records. Filter replacement. I would track them using a database. This would let operations know when something was replaced or changed out or the setpoint changed

The plan should also define the arrangement when each of the required tests, measurements, meter or gauge readings, observations, etc.

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, should be made. If there are two shifts say 6 am and again 6 pm. This way if someone forgets something the other shift might observe and be able to record.

Preventive maintenance accounts are required to offer truthful records of upkeep on work or repairs that have been completed on equipment.

Location of Documents

The plan should identify where the operatinisg records are maintained so that anyone wanting to refer to them will know where to find them. I prefer a data date with administrative rights. This way people cannot just go in and change data.

Allow only access to personnel who needs that information or has the right to enter data. I don’t like spreadsheets because people can manipulate data.

Employees must on condition with training, the instructions on all aspects of operating records for the water system. The arrangement should outline the importance of keeping well-organized, along with clear information, and accurate records.

Water quality and operational monitoring program

One of the most important duties of the water worker under the “Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) is the routine sampling and testing of the water quality.”

Operational checking is measurements to evaluate whether the system are operating properly. There should be set point limits. These limits should be an indication of taking the necessary corrective action in reaction to an identified deviation that occurs before the water becomes unsafe.

There are two categories of monitoring drinking water quality. The first category is required compliance monitoring to regulate water sources and act by the principles and parameters of the rules.

The compliance monitoring samples should be analyzed in a qualified testing center.

The next key checks and balances are the optional monitoring to test how the treatment and distribution systems are operating. This will assist with the early detection of unforeseen problems with the systems. This could be if the water has a deficiency or if the treatment process or distribution systems have a problem.

The sampling and analysis platform gives the foundation for process control, produces a record of how the treatment facilities are operating, and helps predict problems that may be developing in the system.

The Plan includes procedures for proper technique along with scheduling, the sample locations, and how the samples are to be collected and processed like laboratory services. In all my work instructions I love to include pictures. This could be from the sampling location. I also started work on a program for train videos which can be embedded into word or excel documents. I like the line-by-line items to include an open valve. I like when valves are labeled. If not I make up valve tags. This way the picture can show the valve type along with the numbering

It also should disclose the methods for interpretation along with validating results. A few of the following factors should be well-thought-out when building a sampling program.

“Location the required type, number, and frequency of sampling” (Water sampling and analysis, 2019.) The key purpose of sample point selection is to decide on points providing samples that are an accurate representation of the category of water to be evaluated. This could be the “raw water, in-plant, and distribution system sampling. (Water sampling and analysis

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Water Quality Monitoring Program
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