Water Resources on Climate Change

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Climate change is a result of rising sea levels, warming oceans leading to coral bleaching, intense droughts and increased frequency of flooding. CNN Style (2018) reported that when sea levels in Bangkok rise this leads to sinking of the city.

In addition Gray (2018) states that Kotchakorn Voraakhorm a landscape architect from Thailand has designed an 11-acre (45,000 square meter) public park called the Centenary Park which acts like a sponge in Bangkok to help lessen flooding and to help the city from the effects of climate change.

The issue why Bangkok experience frequent flooding is because of waterways act as conduits for rainwater which currently has nowhere to go.

Kotchakorn Voraakhorm (2018) mentioned that there were rice fields and canals as she was growing up and from her house in Central Bangkok she could hear boats. But now you cannot see the rice fields and canals anymore because it was blocked with concrete and highrises buildings now. Today those buildings and concrete became barriers to drain water as a result the city floods.

The Centenary Park is located in Chulalongkorn University as a part of the new design of architecture that aims at increasing urban adaptability to recover from difficulty and protecting vulnerable communities from the catastrophic effects of climate change. During the rainy season, the park collects and stores rainwater that is then used for irrigation to water the agricultural crops and plants when the rainy season is over.

It is a park made up of many different features to help store rainwater and save the surrounding communities from flooding during heavy downpours.

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It is built on an incline piece of land because under the inclined land there is an angled roof of the park's museum it serves as a way to help funnel rainwater into the garden below. The rainwater falls into the man-made pond as it passes through the garden. From that point, the water streams into the pond, that can store about 480,000 gallons (4,546 cubic meters) of water (Swan, 2018).

According to PAGASA (2020) flooding is one of the biggest problems in the Philippines and most countries around the world. In a community for example like Metro Manila flooding causes damages to roads, bridges, houses, infrastructures, productivity of agricultural crops, productivity of water, productivity in industry, commerce and trade.

Lastly the most heart breaking one person can experience due to flooding that will have an emotional impact is having to lose a loved one. The aftermath of this calamity for informal settlers is they do not have food to eat, clean water to drink and even essential necessities. As a result they catch diseases and spread it within the people around them.

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Water Resources on Climate Change
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