Ways To Preserve Water

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This research paper consists of various monitoring mechanisms that are used to preserve the quality of the water. To preserve its quality accurate monitoring of water parameters such as conductivity, pH, salinity, dissolved oxygen, and turbidity is crucial. It addresses current measurement techniques of pH, turbidity and clarity, oxidation among others as mentioned in the book Water Quality Monitoring and Management. Nowadays Internet of Things (IoT) and Remote Sensing (RS) techniques are used in a different area of research for monitoring, collecting and analysing data from remote locations.

Due to the vast increase in global industrial output, rural to urban drift and the over-utilization of land and sea resources, the quality of water available to people has deteriorated greatly. The high use of fertilizers in farms and also other chemicals in sectors such as mining and construction have contributed immensely to the overall reduction of water quality globally. Water is an essential need for human survival and therefore there must be mechanisms put in place to rigorously test the quality of water that made available for drinking in town and city articulated supplies and as well as the rivers, creeks, and shoreline that surround our towns and cities.

The availability of good quality water is paramo0075nt in preventing outbreaks of water-borne diseases as well as improving the quality of life. As per the reports of MCGM, there are various surveillance methods used by them for quality monitoring in which the Hydraulic Engineer Department has to conduct the quality control survey.

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In this process, the various samples are collected from a fixed sampling location where we have got some numerical reports low level and high-level urban areas. The various procedures which are carried out by which includes Quality Monitoring at WTPs, Field Quality Monitoring, Peer Review by Executive Officer. Current initiatives that are taken by MCGM include rainwater harvesting, installation of Duel Flushing Valves, Water conservation fixtures, Backwash and Sludge water recycling plants, Telescopic tariffs. Considering the slum areas where MCGM has installed various ATM tanks. The reason behind this installation is the groundwater which is either contaminated or Saline due to ingress of seawater and not advisable for human use. So there are various procedures for collecting samples of water by QC staff. This includes analysing in laboratories, MPN (Most probable number) method, MFT (Membrane Filter technique). After this analysis and reporting of sampling report by QC section. Our research various other quality monitoring mechanisms that will help to preserve the water quality. A very complex interrelation between socio-economic factors and natural hydrological and ecological conditions have emerged due to which a general need has emerged for a comprehensive and accurate assessment of trends in water quality, a worldwide to raise awareness and to provide a rational basis of international action.

Insufficient collection and evaluation of data has made it difficult to grasp the intensity and scope of deteriorating water quality. While an overview of the situation in the Southern Hemisphere already feeds into UNEP’s Global Environment Outlook, this report clarifies methodology and priorities for data collection, gaps, and scale. Focussing on key hot spots, it applies advanced modelling to existing information, which will assist countries looking to establish their planning, monitoring, and guidelines. With many rivers still in good condition, there are opportunities to prevent pollution and begin restoration. However, severe organic pollution is already affecting around one in seven rivers across Latin America, Africa, and Asia. This poses a growing risk to public health, food security, and the economy while cultivating inequality by predominantly affecting the poor, women and children.

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Ways To Preserve Water
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