What Is the Basic Principle of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion?

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Discuss different types of OTEC power plants. Basically the ocean thermal power plants are related with the oceans, in which the energy can be generated with the help of ocean water. It is basically works on the principle of generating power with the help of sunrays when they comes on the surface of earth then the solar energy get consumed by the surface of water and then the electricity can be generated by utilizing that energy. There can the following types of powerplants

  1. Open cycle powerplants
  2. Closed cycle powerplants

Open Cycle Powerplants

In these type of power plants, the water is used to opertate the turbine and hence water is taken which runs through the turbine, this water is filtered out and maintained the pressure by the flash chamber and hence the turbine gives the mechanical engry due to that the electricity is produced.

Closed Cycle Powerplants

In these systems, we generally used the various working fluids like ammonia which are used for producing electicity.

These fluid used are there to produce steam through evaporator which helps to run the turbine and the mechanical energy is developed is after can be converted into electricity Q.2. Explain different methods of tidal power generation with the help of diagrams. Ans. There can the following types of power generation methods of power production due to tidal energy

  1. Single basin system: This is very common type of enegy production system and very commonly used. In this system there is only one basin which is used with the sea water.

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    They are separated by dams. Basically in this system the head is provided by the tidal waves.

  2. Double basin system: This is another type of system which are used for tidal energy generation. Basically these systemas used two basins so that they are known as two basin system. The head can be generated betwwn these two basins.

The turbine is available between these two and water flows from the basin from upper side to lower side . when the tides are higher the upper side is filled completely and when this level drops the water level also drops from upper side to lower side. Describe magneto hydrodynamic(MHD) open cycle and closed cycle system with their advantages over other.

Open MHD system: in this system generally air is used. As the fuel will be entered through the inlet of the system and then it be burn in the combustion chamber to give high temperature ionised gas. Then tis gas passes through the generator so that electric current will produced and hence the energy can be produced. This is the simplest way as compared to other MHD systems and by this the enegy can be produced easily. Closed MHD system: In this system the working fluid is not air but the other gases like helium.

As this air combust in combustion chamber the ions are collected in the electrodes and some part of which is directly send for the electric conversion and some part of which is used to generate energy with the help of turbine,rest of this is used again which follows the same cycle and hence it is known as closed cycle power generation system. With the help of neat sketches explain the working of Vapour dominated and binary geothermal power plants. Vapour dominated power plants: thes are easy to manufacrtured type of systems and as the name insdicates there is the dominance of the vapour in these systems.

The are not to efficiant type systems as compared to others. In thess system dry steam enters the system and this dry steam is filttered first this dry steam is then goes to the turbine, this turbine is connected to the generator and then through the turbine the pressure is increased. Then this pressurized steam is flows through the condenser which is send through the pump to cooling tower and this is back to the the condenser pool after the temperature drop.

Binary geothermal powere plants: In these type of powerplants, there are basically two systems are used one can be any mode and also a pump is used to extract out the heat containing water from the earth. This heat travels through the turbine and then finally reaches to the heat exchanger when reduces the temperature of the water and this is then goes back to the origine through another pipe. Enumerate different methods of hydrogen generation. Explain any one of them. Ans. There are several method of producing hydrogen, they can the following:

  1. By electrolysis method
  2. Thermochemical method
  3. By fossile fuels
  4. Coal gasification
  5. Solar energy methods

Electrolysis method: this is very common process of producing hydrogen. The electrolysis is basically the process in which the water molecule breaks down into parts or into hydogen and oxygen when we apply certain amount of current. Hence it is known as the simplest process of hyrogen production. In this process two electrodes are taken,from them one will positively charged and other will be negatively charged. The positive charged is known as anode and the negatively charged is known as the cathode. These are palced into the solution which is known as electrolytic solution. When electrc current applied then on anode oxygen released and hydrogen at cathode. In this way the production of hydrogen occurs.

What are the prospects of geothermal energy in India? Discuss various applications of geothermal energy. Geothermal energy production can the useful source of energy in India in upcomig time. Basically this energy production system is used to generate electricity with the help of heat from the earth. Hence to produce the electricity from this firstly there is need to search such sources from there the energy can be produced. In india there can be many sources that can produce the energy from these sources, but before the application of these powerplants we should identify them. In India the sources available are in Jammu and Kashimir and in Himachal pradesh there is also another soure is there that can be useful in future.

These energy sources generally available at hilly areas and hance in future period of time there can be various places where we can find these places and the country like india where the population is much more these sources can be useful for the development of the energy prouduction power plants. Applications: These powerplants are very useful for the development of the electricity. These can be used in various industries for refrigeration These can also be used in food processing industries. Discuss thew main consideration in selecting the site for the wind energy power plants. Describe various applications of wind energy.  

Before starting a powerplant it is necessary to keep various consideration in mind so that we can select the various parameters accordingly. For selecting the place for the wind energy powerplant there can be follwing parameters kept in mind, they can be as follows- Wind speed: for selecting the site for the powerplant, this is very important factor and we should establish the powerplant at the place where the speed rate of the wind is enough that it can be useful for the development of the energy.

Availability of transportation: this can be another factor which is also very important as we should keep in mind that there should be proper transportation facility so that the machininery and other useful components can be transported easily. Availability of the labour: For any powerplant it is necessary to kept in mind that there is easy and efficient labour available with can work effectively. Hence there should be the availability of the labour as per need.

Wind paramenters: there should be availability of the wind as per the standerds fixed by the departments. Before starting the plant there are many parameter and calculations are taken take helps in creating the power plant and hence this is also an important factor. Applications: wind energy can be used in pumps. This can be used in generation of electricity This can also be used in agricultural fields. Wind enery is also very useful in various industries like chemicals, food processing to preserve the food.\nQue.8. Discuss various methods of hydrogen storage.which mehod is the best in your opinion?

There can be the following ways to store the hydrogen gas- Compressed gas storage: This is the common type of way in which the hydrogen can be stored effectively. Basically in this way we cabn store he hydogen in the form of compressed gas and this is very efficient way. In this method the hydrogen gas is filled in the big cylinders. Liquid storage: this is another way of storing hydogen, in this way we generally use the liquid form of the hydrogen to use it at various places.

For storing hydrogen in liquid form firsltly is is to be converted in to liquid form at its melting temperature. Underground storage: this is the way of storing hydrogen in which we basically use the hydrogen in any form to store it in the ground. Basically a structure is formed inside the ground and in that space hydrogen is stored.

Metsal hydride: this is another type and very effective way to store the hydrogen but the problem whith this way is that its cost is high as compared to the other methods.in this method the hydrogen is combined with metals to create its hidrides and then it is stored. In my opinion the metal hydride storage of the hydrogen is the best way for its storage because if we consider the efficiency of the storage then i think it is good also in this method the transportation is easy and there is less chances of the accidental risk.

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What Is the Basic Principle of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion?
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