What Is the Easiest Way to Get Oil from Water

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My project is what’s the easiest way to get oil out of water using household items and how does it affect animals? This project was chosen because I thought is was interesting. I also choose this project because I knew that oil pollution is a big problem to animals and also people. Oil spills is a very important topic with marine life, which is why this is important.

People need to start to care more about pollution in the ocean because according to https://www.

water-pollution.org.uk/oil-pollution-in-water oil spills take up 12% of the ocean. Oil cannot dissolve in water so it form a thick slug. This can suffocate fish and other animals and it can also get stuck in birds’ feathers so they cannot fly and the oil can cover the sun so the coral cannot get to the sun. Throwing litter in the ocean is a big problem to animals and people too. Plastic soda can holders are very dangerous to animals because they can hook around their necks and kill them.

Different litter takes time to disintegrate in water:

  • Cardboard – Takes 2 weeks to degrade.
  • Newspaper – Takes 6 weeks to degrade
  • Photodegradable packaging – Takes 6 weeks to degrade.
  • Foam – Takes 50 years to degrade.
  • Styrofoam – Takes 80 years to degrade.
  • Aluminium – Takes 200 years to degrade.
  • Plastic packaging – Takes 400 years to degrade.
  • Glass – It takes so long to degrade that we don’t know the exact time!

Technically, according to https://www.ektinteractive.com/history-of-oil/ the Chinese were the first ones discover oil in 600 B.

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C. The oil was actually transported in pipelines made of bamboo. Even though the first people that discovered oil in Pennsylvania in 1859 was George Bissell and Edwin L. Drake. Also in Texas in 1901 the developed the first oil economy.

Oil spills can be very dangerous in many ways. If an oil spill happens how would we clean it up? Acordding to https://response.restoration.noaa.gov/training-and…and…/how-do-spills-happen.html there are many ways to clean up the oil, but which one is more efficient? Here are some ways to clean up oil:

  • Booms, which are floating barriers that can trap the oil.
  • Skimmers, that boats can go around with to scoop the oil.
  • Sorbents, that are big sponges.

This is not a common question that people would think of. What is oil made of? According to resources.schoolscience.co.uk/ExxonMobil/infobank/4/origin.html crude oil is made of really tiny plants and animals called, plankton. It is also made of tiny plants and animals called algae and zooplankton. These organisms get trapped at the bottom of the sea, covered it sand and mud, which will die over time. All of these organisms lived in the Jurassic Period to make oil. That is how long it takes to make crude oil!

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What Is the Easiest Way to Get Oil from Water
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