Workshop Organised by the Syngenta

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My family have been farmers from many decades. I chose agriculture (plant pathology), not because of background of my family, but The first time I really thought about agriculture occurred when I attended a workshop organised by the Syngenta about plant disease and dangers of pesticides. The guides introduced us to the concepts of plant diseases and the effect of using of high frequency of pesticides for the control of these diseases on humans and environment.

Moreover the idea of controlling plant disease through transgenic approaches which is not harmful for environment, especially drives me to study plant pathology.

I started plant pathology course at University of agriculture Peshawar. Where, I was exposed to wide range of courses and got good gpa of 3.74. I also explored my knowledge in practical life through various internships in agriculture research institution and pesticides companies.

Apart from academic, I also involved in social activities, I worked with different NGOs as well as, served as active member of swat student society of my university.

Most recently I volunteered for Bayers Pakistan and serve as safe use ambassador and carry on the message of safe use of pesticides to farmers in district swat.

The thought of studying in Turkey came into my mind, because turkey is considered 0ne of the great and developed country of Islamic countries. In addition, turkey has multi culture, combining both Europe and Asia. where I will have an opportunity to get experience of mixed environment and culture. It also has a rich history, including Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman , which will ultimately broaden my history knowledge.

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But most importantly, I want to study on scholarship in turkey because its education system promotes good academic results, problem solving skills, leadership, good attitude, and noble values. My goals of my study are to gain best knowledge by closely observing the techniques that are used during study and spending two year in turkey. This experience will surely broaden my horizon of understanding in my field of interest, help in my personality building and professional grooming.

I plan to do many things after completion of my degree, I want to gain best knowledge in field of interest in turkey, so that I can serve my country farmers and proved myself as best researcher in field of my interest. In addition, I also want run some volunteer projects for development and prosperity of my farmers. Moreover, I am interested to visit turkey again for my Ph.d degree.

It is my intense desire to work in future for improvement in bilateral relationship of Pakistan and turkey. I believe that I am a very enthusiastic and motivated individual which I consider to be the key driving force for my academic achievement. I greatly wished that I will have an opportunity to become one of the fortunate students and hope that I will have the chances to get experience of cultures, environment, and education system of Turkey.

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Workshop Organised by the Syngenta
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