World Powers Must Unite to Save the Human Race

The planet that we currently live on has been around for almost five billion years. In that time it has done a lot for its inhabitants. It’s given us natural resources and given us the ability to multiply and fill the planet. We as a race are constantly helping advance the earth’s natural decay by polluting the air around us. We also have helped in progressing global warming which is taking away other habitats for other species. We as a common human race need to put aside our differences and come up with a plan that would help prolong our ability to continue to live on earth.

I would like to see the most powerful countries come forward and try to think of ways that we can change in order to help the planet. It turns out that the two most powerful countries in the world also lead the world in most pollution per country. The United States and China lead the world creating pollution.

The reason that China has such a large pollution rate is because they also have the largest exporting economy. The United States is the second worst because we lead the world in industrial and commercial production. The amount of fumes that both countries give off is alarming and is helping take away time that the earth has.

The world is also polluting other places that other species live in including the ocean. The ocean is where we find both food and water.

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The animals around us also need the same things that we do, including food and water. When we pollute the resources we use were not only affecting ourselves but other animals as well. The countries that pollute the ocean the most include China, Indonesia, and the Philippines. China has 8.8 metric tons of mismanaged plastic waste and 3.53 of that gets dumped into the ocean per year. The United States fortunately has taken the necessary steps to decrease the total amount of plastic that we are dumping per year. We are dumping the least amount out of any country at just 0.11 metric tons. This is a great number but many people are still fighting to get that number to under 0.5.

In conclusion, the world powers need to come together in an effort to save the human race. We need to do everything that is possible to cut back on the toxic chemicals we are putting into the air and the trash that we are dumping into the ocean. There are multiple different options given to unsure that we can prolong the life of the earth. We can reuse, reduce, and recycle. But in order to do this we need to spread the word around the globe and put forth effort. We need to be thinking about the generations ahead of us that are looking to live life on the same planet that we currently are.

Greenhouse gases are gases that trap heat in the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases can stay in the atmosphere for different amount of times. They can stay in there for anything from as little as a few years up to a couple thousand years. Greenhouse gases consist of carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and fluorinated gases. The gases act as a kind of blanket around the earth’s atmosphere which over time warms the planet up which in turn gives you global warming.

Global warming effects all type of people including those living in poverty. Because of the earth warming it can cause a sudden change in different climates. For people living in poor parts of the country such as places like Africa and South Asia it means those people are more prone to natural disasters. Floods, tsunamis, and droughts are often a common thing in these places making it even harder on the poor people because a lot of the time they don’t have the right housing in order to protect themselves. It also puts them at greater health risks because of the toxins that are in the air and the inability to find clean safe drinking water. In these parts of the world they depend on mostly farming their own food but because the rain patterns and random droughts it’s hard to make sure that there is always food available.

If global warming were to fall off the international agenda it would put all of us at a huge risk. It would not only affect those currently living on earth but those that are in the future. The earth’s climate is increasing by almost two degrees each year which is not good. Although as a race we are good at adapting it would be impossible for us to adapt to the new climate that we will bring upon ourselves by the warming of the earth. If we continue to run our countries the way that we are then we will end up dying as a race within a few thousand years. In order to protect those coming after us we must take the proper precautions and work to improve this issue.

I believe that global warming is a serious issue after doing the research needed to complete this project I believe that we has a human race need to come together and try and solve the issue at hand because if not it can end in disaster. I think the United States as a country is doing a great job at raising awareness on the issue but we need to reach people outside more. A great way of eliminating even more waste is recycling. If everyone would make a solid attempt at recycling then it make a huge difference in the way that the earth is warming because we aren’t using gases to burn the recyclables

People might support my ideas because I’m making many solid points and have the research being my points. I am not making comments based off of anything but facts for scientific professionals and I think many people will see that. I think that others might not support my ideas because they view things from a different angle. I think that lots of people are looking at the issue as if it’s not their problem because they won’t be here by the time the professionals are saying the earth would be inhabitable. People need to educate themselves on the topic because eventually this may come back to nip us in the butt.

I do think that the government has a role in reducing global warming because they have more power than the normal citizens do. They are also the leaders of the country so in order to be a leader people have to vote you in because they value the same things that you value. So if they see you showing that you care about global warming then I’m sure that they will follow as well. They also have the ability to talk to other leaders of other countries and form a group that will help fight against global warming which will help prolong our inhabitants.

Business’s and companies also have a big role to play in taking care of the environment. After all they are the main contributors to the pollution. If they would simply encourage and get more involved with the consumers and tell them to recycle their products then I believe that they would. They could also cut down on how much chemicals they are putting into the atmosphere by making their products. It’s just simple changes in your everyday schedule that can lead to a great lifetime for other generations.

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World Powers Must Unite to Save the Human Race
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