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Ocean Pollution and the Effects of It

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If humans do not take better care of the oceans, then life may slowly die out. As we head into a new millennium, we may be slowly killing off our species and many others without even realizing it. There are some solutions that we have put into effect, but without others they will help minimally. To fully understand about what needs to be done in the future, one must first understand four things. First, one must comprehend general knowledge of…...
Ocean Pollution

Pollution in the Ocean as a Major Problem That is Affecting the Ocean and the Rest of the Earth

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Oceans of the world are vital to the earth and to the people who inhabit it. Oceans cover approximately 75% of the earth's surface and provide food, natural resources, and recreation for many people. Care of the oceans is vital to the survival of not only the ocean's inhabitants but to earth's land dwellers as well. Sustaining and preserving the ocean's unique habitats will enhance the well-being of all the earth's denizens. Pollution in the ocean is a major problem…...
Ocean Pollution

Plastic Pollution in the Ocean

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Over the last 100 years since plastic was invented, it has infiltrated our lives to the point where it is everywhere. Plastic is in the toys, clothing, grocery stores, toiletries, furniture, and its impact on the environment and human health is immense. One of the biggest issues resulting from such an abundance of material is what happens after its disposal. It is estimated that about 8 million metric tons of plastic enter our ocean, where it further breaks down into…...
Ocean Pollution
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