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Recycling Has Its Ups and Downs

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Recycling is a matter of life or death. Not only affecting products, recycling can restore the air we breathe, the health of humans and animals, and the amount of time that we have on this earth.  If we ignore this and do not recycle as much as possible, then life as we know it will end. The air will get harder to breathe, water will become toxic, trees and plants will die off, and animals will become extinct. Last will…...

The Achievements and Future of Bottle-To-Bottle Recycling

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With environmental movements to ban grocery bags and drinking straws, it seems that to the public eye “plastic” has become a dirty word. Natural ecosystems are harmed by the large amounts of plastic waste produced, but to society today, plastic is irreplaceable. The material is light, cheap, and extremely versatile. The challenge, then, is not to eliminate the use of plastic, but to engineer ways for plastic to be more environmentally efficient, while also remaining convenient for consumers. Recycling processes have…...

How Recycling Can Change the World

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In United States, American citizens produce and use over 300 million tons of plastic every year, which fifty percent of this plastic are single-use plastic such as straws, drinking bottles, bags and wrappers (BETTINA WASSENER). There are many solutions to fixing these issues, recycling is one of the most important of all , in order for it to be successful citizens must be involved, the solution starts with the citizens making positive movements. The main problem revolving around single-use plastic is…...
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Overview on Reduce, Reuse, Required Recycling

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With mandatory recycling laws, the Earth has a good chance of becoming a greener world.When I was younger, WALL-E came out in theaters. Although I enjoyed the movie’s theme of love and exploration, I did not realise until now that the movie conveys a different meaning. This new theme pertains to the future of the Earth, and how throwing away reusable resources can harm our future generations. Because the U.S. population increases every year, the scarcity of plastic and paper…...
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How Recycling Can Change the World
...Recycling can not only help American’s daily lives, but it can also help stop water pollution in the beautiful oceans and the effects it has to both sea an...
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