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Renewable Sources of Energy

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Renewable energy is more hygienic than fossil fuels. One being, it will last a whole lot longer in the future. Coal energy will be more expensive then renewable energy. There are two types of renewable energy and they are wind and solar energy. This energy will be safer for the environment. Renewable energy provides better air quality because fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide when it is burned and that causes damage to the environment including air pollution and climate change.In…...
Solar Energy

How Long Will It Be Till We Run Out Of Energy

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Our world today is currently locked in debate. One that will affect the future generations to come for hundreds of years. The question that has sparked the curiosity of so many is, “Is solar energy really the answer to our energy crisis?” For starters, let’s begin with the question of, “What is this energy crisis everyone is talking about? What does this crisis entail, and is it even real?” Many people may be asking themselves these exact questions. Let it…...
Solar Energy

Energy of the Sun

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Throughout history, the efforts of agriculture are based on solar radiation to nurture and maintain the crops. However, we have only recently developed the ability to exploit the incredible power of the sun. The technologies obtained have promising consequences for the future of renewable energy sources and sustainability. The conversion of energy directly from sunlight into electricity is what is called Solar Power, either with the use of photovoltaic (PV), concentrated solar power or both. Concentrated power system uses lenses…...
Solar Energy
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Solar energy technologies

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Solar energy technologies (SETs) supply energy with less environmental hazards than oil, natural gas or coal. SETs are often overlooked because of initial start-up costs and aesthetics. As technology progresses, the costs are projected to decrease, thus becoming more accessible for businesses and homeowners alike. The steam turns a turbine, thus generating electricity. Solar thermal power is mainly utilized on a large scale by state governments to supply power to cities and neighborhoods. Photovoltaic (PV) cells absorb photons from light…...
Solar Energy
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How Long Will It Be Till We Run Out Of Energy
...Solar Energy will help ensure a positive future, but there are multiple other ways one can help the planet. One way is by enforcing a carbon tax - a fee imposed ...
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