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Ways To Preserve Water

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This research paper consists of various monitoring mechanisms that are used to preserve the quality of the water. To preserve its quality accurate monitoring of water parameters such as conductivity, pH, salinity, dissolved oxygen, and turbidity is crucial. It addresses current measurement techniques of pH, turbidity and clarity, oxidation among others as mentioned in the book Water Quality Monitoring and Management. Nowadays Internet of Things (IoT) and Remote Sensing (RS) techniques are used in a different area of research for…...
Water Conservation

Importance of Water Conservation

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Water is one of the most important natural deposit and has to be must be managed economically. This can be done by using a digital water meter so that we can able to get the actual flow consumption through the digital flow meter and able to generate the accurate water consumption bill for every household. When no bill was paid we can automatically stop the water connection also. Thus, this project will help us to do effective water conservation.Keywords –…...
Water Conservation

Revitalisation and sustainable development of villages

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AbstractIndia is slowing emerging as a global superpower and is pacing towards a being a developed nation amidst the world’s gazes. But being completely engrossed in becoming a technological giant, the nation has somewhere in its journey has forgotten its own heart and soul – its villages. A country cannot be called a developed nation just on the parameters of technical advancements. The farmers and villagers face huge crisis due to a number of issues – high rate of pesticides…...
Water Conservation
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Palmer’s agave and Water Conservation

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Deploying community filters (dispersal, abiotic and biotic interactions) all together— instead of solely focusing on the biotic interactions—will offer a better restoration framework to land managers (Hulvey & Aigner, 2014). In invaded habitats, long-term agave restoration requires an understanding of the complexity and variability of favorable growth conditions for agave growth and sustenance. This greenhouse experiment was designed to test the growth responses and interaction of Palmer’s agave by modifying biotic (size, age) and abiotic growth conditions (simulated precipitation, surface…...
Water Conservation

Water conservation

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Water conservation is trending in many top companies. Companies like Starbucks, McDonald’s, Abbott, and Coca-Cola have incorporated unique approaches to help decrease their ecological footprints. These companies are implementing water conservation approaches when it comes to the design and operation functions of their companies.Food Drink & FranchiseStarbucks, one of the leading coffee companies in the world, continues to take initiatives that lead to a decrease in water consumption. According to an article on the Food Drink & Franchise website: as…...
Water Conservation

Water Conservation of Camas County

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Camas County, Idaho is situated in a semiarid plain that is encircled by mountains with limited access to water. With an average precipitation of 15.7 inches that is mostly due to the contribution of snow fall, it has become imperative for the agricultural community to understand how to manage under these strenuous conditions. To that end the region of Camas County has been implementing water conservation as far back as 1957. In the month of August 1957, The Camas County…...
Water Conservation
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